Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tim McGraw and Lagoon!

(Tim McGraw concert!)

This weekend was sooo fun! We kicked it off by going to a Tim McGraw Concert! We got the tickets for free because Dahl opened another Zion's bank account. It was really nice of him to get Tim McGraw tickets (he could choose any concert at Usana), because he doesn't really know any of his songs. I'll add that to the list of why he is the best boyfriend :)

The concert was full of intoxicated people, which I thought was interesting, because even though it's Salt Lake City, it still is Utah. I remember working concerts at Merriweather Post and thinking that I wouldn't get nearly as many tips if I was working in Utah because there wouldn't be as many drunk people, but boy was I wrong!

Dahl and I were sitting (well actually standing) in the grass behind a very entertaining drunk guy! He was about 45, and he danced with a bunch of different girls around him, all of whom were not attractive at all. He even started this grinding train! I naively thought that was more of a high school/ clubbin thing, but I guess it was also for 40- something drunks at concerts. His favorite dance move was to alternately raise his two beer cans (one for each hand) in the air and smile, looking off into the distance contentedly. He had the exact same expression the entire concert. I often would nudge Dahl to get him to look at the next dance move he would pull. We thought we picked our seats wisely :)

Despite not knowing any of the songs, Dahl was a very fun concert buddy. He danced with me pretty much the whole time and applauded enthusiastically, even if he didn't know why he was clapping. He loved to raise my hands in the air and show me country dance moves that he made up, even though he's not really a country boy at all. He is funny :).

(Soo wet at Lagoon)

On Saturday we went to Lagoon! I had never been before, but I thought it was pretty fun! It's no 6 flags, but I didn't mind. Dahl and I went with Savana and two of her friends. Dahl's mom packed us a HUGE lunch in a cooler, so much that even though she packed it for only 3 of us and we shared it among the 5 of us, we still didn't even get close to finishing it. She is so adorable. It was super hot earlier on, so of course we went on a water ride. It was fun, and we got soaked, which seemed to be a good thing at the time, but then the weather took a drastic turn and it started POURING. We rode on the swings when it was doing that, and got pelted with rain! It was really fun though. We decided to stick it out and stay the rest of the day, even though we were soaked, and didn't get dry until we got home around 12:30. So, that is why we are so bedraggled in the picture above, my apologies. We are normally better looking.

Anywaaaay, fun weekend, I will post what happened on Sunday next!

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