Friday, August 6, 2010

Flashback Friday! Slipping and Sliding

(Don't look at me!)

So, I want to give the credit for this idea (Flashback Friday) to Mendy Hunter, one of my wonderful young women's leaders. She does these sometimes, although she hasn't in awhile, I don't think. Anyway, I thought it was catchy, so I'm doing it too now, unless she gets mad :) which she wouldn't because she is adorable. Basically, I will just do these on a previous event. They can be anywhere from my childhood to a few months ago, and I'll just try to tell fun stories.

Since I'm pretty sure some of you are getting tired of hearing about Dahl (although I wouldn't get tired of writing about him), I was going to be considerate and post a childhood story. BUT I have no pictures of my childhood and those are kind of important because it wouldn't be as cute if I didn't show a picture. SO this will be a story with Dahl. BUT it's a funny one, I think you'll like it :) (I also think my parents will hate it... we'll see!)

Okay, so this was when we had been dating maybe two months? I'm not exactly sure how long, but we were about to go somewhere and decided to shower first. So he went to his apartment, and I went to mine.

For those of you who don't know how Raintree is set up, when you walk into my apartment, you're on the far right end of the apartment and in front of you is the kitchen area and behind you is the living room. Then there's a hall straight to the right of you that leads to bathrooms in the direction you're facing, first a vanity with a mirror facing you and then it goes back to a bathroom that's even father ahead of where you would be and bedrooms behind. So, if you have just walked in, you may be able to see someone standing in the first vanity area through the mirror, but you don't usually see anyone.

I finished showering and decided that, as I was home alone, I would just get ready in not very many clothes (aka bra and panties). I also decided to blast music just for fun. So I was dancing around my apartment getting pretty for what I'm sure was a date, and I kept thinking, Maybe I should tell Dahl to text or call before he comes over, this could be a potentially awkward situation... Nah! He would never come over without calling, he knows I was just in the shower! I had this thought process multiple times, and always shrugged it off.

Meanwhile, Dahl decided it was time to come get me. He rationalized that, as it had been about an hour, I was definitely done and dressed if nothing else. He came over and knocked. I couldn't hear anything over my singing and the music blasting, so I didn't answer the door.

THEN, I heard the front door open. CRAP! That's probably Dahl! That's bad! Then I thought an even scarier thought. What if it's someone else?! Someone dangerous?? That's worse!!! This thought process took the smallest fraction of a second, and I was running into the bathroom. I had just showered, so there was water on the floor. I slid all the way to the shower/ tub and caught myself somewhat on the shower curtain and continued to slip and fall into things, making quite a ruckus, I assure you. So, I finally caught myself enough to close the door and lock it before the intruder came back.

"Kell? Kell are you okay?" It was Dahl! First I was relieved it was just him, then slightly annoyed because why didn't he call?!

"Go away! I'm not dressed!"

"You're okay?"

"Yes, go sit in the living room!"


So he sat in the living room while I dressed, and then we went on our date. I feel bad, he really did think that I would be done and I probably should have been, but I am a girl, and he is grateful for my well-spent primping time! For those of you who I know are wondering, he didn't get any peeks. Sadly for him, he only got to hear me falling all over to place and worry for my safety. Sorry boyfriend!

Do you have any funny/ embarrassing (naked) moments??

Edit: PS- My brother Joseph said he thinks it's funny that I didn't post about my childhood because there were no pictures, and then I posted without pictures anyway. Well, I DO have a picture (which took me a few minutes to find because I was afraid of typing naked into google images) it's just not of me. It's to exhibit the emotions, because, believe it or not, I took no pictures to document this event. Haha.

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