Monday, August 9, 2010

My Terrible (But Funny) Dream Last Night

Last night I had a terrible dream. I woke up feeling very confused and unhappy.

You know how sometimes when you feel a certain way in a dream and you wake up and feel that way again? Like you're mad at someone in a dream and you wake up still feeling mad at them even though they didn't really do anything and you know it? Well, I don't really feel mad, but I still am pretty much reeling from it, which is dumb, but I was so upset in my dream. So here it is:

I dreamed I was getting married to Dahl, but he grew his hair out really long, and he looked sooo dumb! I was really mad at him, and I thought it looked like I was marrying a girl in the pictures. I was just so unhappy! And I was trying to act like I was fine because it was my wedding day, but I was just furious. And I couldn't remember any poses I wanted to do for pictures, and I really just didn't wanna be there or be getting married at all, I was so upset about the whole thing. And he just looked HORRIBLE. His hair looked like this:

Now, I know that this might look hot on Brad Pitt, but that does not mean I would want that for my wedding, okay? Later in the dream it looked like he had a mullet:

Sorry, that is a nasty picture... Anyway, finally he cut his hair (still on the wedding day) and it looked like Michael J Fox's in Back to the Future (which we watched last night at his parents' house).

When asked why he cut his hair, he said because his MOM thought he should. And I was like... what about me??? (BTW I love his mom and think she's super cute so this was nothing against her.)

And I told him his hair looked like eighties hair because I just wanted it to go back to normal and everyone jumped to his defense and said that this was what all the kids were doing these days and I KNEW that wasn't true. And it didn't even look like Dahl, it looked like some other guy and I was like who am I marrying?!?!?!

And I woke up and felt relieved it was only a dream and confused about everything but I knew Dahl had work at 8:30, so I called him to make sure he was awake, and he answered sounding very awake so I started telling him about the dream and how horrible it was. He asked if it even looked like him in the dream, and I said no and he said that's because it wasn't me! And he reassured me that that would NEVER happen. Which I already knew because Dahl always keeps his hair pretty short. Like this:

See? So handsome! Anyway, I hate dreams like that, because I still feel crappy. Do you ever have any really weird dreams where you wake up and the feeling stays??

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  1. I always have dreams about my babies like i know what my first kid is going to look like and her name and everything. and i always wake up and get really sad because i miss her so much!