Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Break!

So, this week I only had to go to school on Monday, and that was IT. You'd think that I would be so productive with nothing to do all week, but I hardly touched my homework... oops. However, I am almost done with my practice test for Accounting if that counts for anything.

Sunday I went to church and Heather came too! I also had tithing settlement. I just wanna say that I have the best Bishop in the whole world. At the end of the interview, he asked if we could end with a word of prayer, and he prayed for everything that could possibly be an issue in my life. It was honestly one of the nicest things anyone has done for me.

That night I went to a crepes party at Nate's house. They always end up drawing quite a crowd and bringing people I know randomly together, so it turned out fun.

Unrelated, but Monday my back hurt SO bad. I didn't know why, but I did manage to get about half of my FHE brothers to try to rub it out, so I considered it a successful evening. Haha. We finger painted cards and brought them to the nursing home. Then me and the RS presidency had a meeting and went to Starbucks for hot chocolate/ caramel apple cider, and drove around. It was so fun, I love those girls to death. Then we went over the Chris and Brent's apartment to watch a movie, which was fun until I was thrown to the floor and kicked randomly. Thank you Brent :)

Tuesday I went to the BYU basketball game where we owned 107-51. Then I went to Inn-and-Out for the first time in my life. I thought it was good, but nothing could really live up to the hype. Then I went back to my apartment to find my Tashi, Tasha, Rico, Katelyn, Kali, Kellen, and Kayla all eating French toast and bacon and all sorts of yummy breakfast foods around the table. Apparently they had an impromptu party. Then we went to visit Rico's crew at the hot tub, and listened to a girl play the piano in the clubhouse while Tasha waited her turn. Then Tashi realized that some of her friends were in the hot tub, so we went to visit them. They invited us back to their house to watch So you think you can dance! So we did, and then we went to this party at someone's house, except it was pretty much over once we go there, so me, Tasha, and Kaleigh went hot tubbing, where we were asked really awkward questions to pass the time. But it was fun.

Side note: that night, before Kaleigh came out with us, she had kind of a funny experience. She got a text from a guy named Kelly in the ward, who was her awkward home teacher. She thought it was me. So the conversation went like this:
"Hey what are you doing tonight?"
"Oh hey girl! Nothing I just got off work!"
"This is Kelly Johnson.*name changed* Wanna watch a movie??" (In her head this didn't register, and she still thought it was me)
"Yeah we can watch a movie I'll be home in five minutes come over!"
So he came over and she was sitting on her laptop. She told Tasha and Tashi that I was coming over, so they were all expecting a girls movie night. He came and sat on the couch, and she realized, as she surfed facebook, that my name was really Kelly Connor. So then she was like "Who the crap is Kelly Johnson?!?!?!"
"... That's me!" he said. So that was embarrassing for both parties I'm sure, but he still stayed to watch a movie, and we came in the middle to interrupt before going to the hot tub.

I should also mention that the reason my name popped up so quickly was because my darling FHE brother, Kellen, changed my status to engaged on Facebook. That lead to an interesting evening of phone calls and texts and comments all over my life.

Wednesday I slept mostly because I got home at 5 from hot tubbing and talking to the girls for an hour or so. Then I packed and Heather and I drove with Tashi to Colorado. It was about a 3 1/2 hour drive, and we were supposed to start at 5, but then everything bad that could have happened did happen. First, we went to pick up Myles, her brother in law. Then, we went to get her brother, Scott, who we were caravaning with. He had locked his keys in the car, so Heather and I called AAA and they came to get them out. In the meantime, we sweet-talked the guy in the clubhouse so he let us girls stay in there until the boys came and he let us into Scott's apartment (those keys were locked in the car too). Then we decided that it was late enough that we could caravan with her other brother and his wife and 2 daughters, who were 1 and 2, and 15 months apart just like me and Heather. They were still rushing around packing things, and so we finally got out the door at 7:30, and out of the gas station at 8, because they forgot about everything at their house as it turns out, so we just waited. on the car ride, we talked about what any group of girls talks about when they get together: boys. It was so fun.

We finally arrived around midnight. We all three squeezed on an air mattress, and then woke up to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Then we ate dinner, napped, and went to the park. We played Catchphrase until it was time to go. Their family was so sweet and hospitable the whole time, I honestly loved it. I'm so glad Tashi offered to have us come. On the way back we talked more, and ended up getting home about a half hour early thanks to Tashi's speedometer not working :)

That night, Heather was sleeping over, but Jared started talking to me on Facebook and said Tashi was over and would I like to watch So you think you can dance? And I did, so I did.

Then Friday, this random guy who friended me on Facebook who I assumed I must know because we had five friends in common but ended up not knowing (apparently I was in a snowboarding ad for Sundance and he wanted someone to go with) invited me to go to the basketball game with him. I didn't wanna go alone, so I found out Mike was going, and invited Tasha and Jared, so we all went, and he ended up having to babysit his brother's kids anyway, so all the planning was unnecessary. We won, by the way, even though for a little bit I was worried. Then Natasha, Jared, and I went to get free Magleby's because it's free if the Cougs score 80 or higher, and visited Winnie at work. She and Christine were there, and they were closed, but they still let us in and gave us random free food which was nice. Then we went back to Jared's apartment, and Duran was there. He suggested o go watch Twilight, and so we did. It was soo over the top mushy I couldn't believe it. Jared hated it, he was sitting next to me and he couldn't watch half the time. Jacob was looking mighty fine though, I must say. He was for sure the highlight of the movie.

And now, I'm blogging and getting ready to go to the BYU vs. Utah game!!! I'm so excited and worried. Hopefully we'll win! Go Cougs!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Birthdays and Business and Other Fun Stuff

Sooo this week, I began my duties for being in charge of birthdays in relief society. On Saturday night, I still hadn't gotten anything for it, and I started talking to Troy on Facebook. Troy is one of the pest control boys who we had over for dinner every Sunday this summer. He wasn't doing anything, so I told him he should take me to Walmart. He said he would if I bought him a Big Mac, which I agreed to. So, we happily trooped to Walmart, where I bought nail polish, lip gloss, and candy, as well as the deodorant he said smelled the best. Then, I bought him a Big Mac with his buy one get one free coupon, so I got one too! He took me back to his apt where he, his buddy Brad, and I watched 2Fast2Furious or whatever it's called. I didn't really follow a lot of it. But it was fine. Then I got home at like 3:30, and got up for Ward Council at 8, so that was lovely.

On Monday, we had a whole ward FHE where we learned our ward emergency plan, and practiced walking to the field. We also learned CPR and the Heimlich and stuff about bleeding.

Tuesday it was Tamara's birthday. Katelyn was such a doll and got her friend Joe? to use his brother in law's limo to take us to get ice cream at Coldstone. It was pretty sweet.

Wednesday I finally got an email letting me know I was accepted into the Business program!! I am so excited to have finally made a decision :)

Thursday I got to hold a FALCON! My Business Writing teacher is really into falcons, and he brought one in for us to see! I was so exicted, I was the only one who held it. I think everyone else was scared? I dunno...

That night I went on one of those sign up dates. Jared Bulloc was my date, and we just got ice cream at the Creamery on 9th. There were a bunch of Utah people there who decided to sing their fight song which was annoying, but the date was good. He was a total gentleman and whenever I would be about to leave the car he would stop me and be like would you mind if I went around and got it for you? And I didn't mind at all. I love boys who open doors for me, it's my favorite thing ever. Anyway it was a fun date :)

Then on Friday I went to lunch with Jeff, one of the DC interns. We went to this Italian place called Gloria's, which was really good. It was a fun date too!

Friday night I went hot tubbing with some of Katelyn's friends, and then we played this game called "Body! Body! Body!" It's like a more active version of Mafia. We played in this sweet abandoned Biomedical building/ club/ apartment (It used to be all three), that one girl had the keys to. We weren't allowed to touch any of the doors or alarms would sound. It wasn't very well lighted, except a little in the bathrooms, and there were boards and random things strewn all over the floors. It was incredibly dusty. And it was the perfect place for this game. What you do is draw, and you're either a killer or citizen. Then you walk around and any of the killers can kill you by slitting your throat with their hands (not really of course). Then they can move you or whatever, and go kill other people. Play continues until someone who finds a body (it could be a killer) calls "Body! Body! Body!" Then everyone comes and votes on who the killer is. If they vote right, the killer is out, if they vote wrong, the person just keeps playing and is immune from accusation. No killers can be killed, so that's how they usually find each other-- by trying to kill each other. It was soo fun! I was a citizen and a murderer (we played 2 rounds), and both roles are quite exciting. It's such a creepy place that it's scary even if you're a killer.

Today I went to the football game and we won! It was against the Air Force so I wasn't surprised. It was freezing though, so we left early. Today is Katelyn's birthday, but I had already promised my roomies from Freshman year we would do something, so Kali and I are just gonna go to dinner and then probably bring them back to our apartment for games with Katelyn.

Also, Kelsey got married today! I hope she had a wonderful wedding and has an even better marriage :)

Well, I think that's it! I'm about to go out to dinner with my freshman year roomies so I should go!


Saturday, November 14, 2009

You know how when you think the semester will get easier, and then it doesn't?

That's exactly what's happening in my life. Every single time I decide that it'll all be smooth sailing after _____, I am completely incorrect. Which is why I am sooo glad that in a month it'll all be over. This week was pretty stressful until Wednesday, and then it slowed down considerably. I wish that the work load would just even out, because when I do have time to relax I feel like I'm spending the whole time just trying to recover.

On Monday and Wednesday I did Bikini Body workout, Monday with Kellen, Chris, and Weston, but they quit pretty early, and Wednesday with just Kellen and Griffin, who stuck it out. It was fun. I think boys doing bikini body is pretty ridiculously entertaining.

So this week I went on two dates. One was Thursday night with a guy who used to teach me social dance. So he's been asking me out for awhile now, and I've never been able to... I mean I probably could have if I really wanted to but anyway, I saw him randomly on Monday and that night he texted me (yes, texted, I know it's against the rules) and said something to the effect of "You took me off- guard today, you looked beautiful, I'd ask you out for the weekend but I have to work so how about sometimes this week?"

So I went to my roomies and explained the situation and they said I should just go, this way it would be small instead of a weekend date, which would be big. So I said okay, and he said how about a late night dessert? And I said ok sounds good... and then he said okay, 8? And I was like oh... when you said late night, I thought it'd be later... so he said 10? and I said oh it doesn't matter I was just surprised. But then I realized The Office was on at 8, so I made sure that it was at 10. Because I don't miss the office for textually- scheduled dates. No sir.

So for some reason I really didn't wanna go when the time came, you know how sometimes you just feel like hurling when sitting at home on the couch is not an option anymore? But, I sucked it up and went, and it actually was fine. We went to Sammy's which is so cute, so that was fun.

Then, on Friday I went on a date with Jason. He was an intern in DC so we sometimes went to his ward. I randomly ran into him on Monday as well, and pretty much 10 seconds after I texted my dance teacher back about the date on Thursday, Jason called me. He asked me how accounting was going and if I would go out with him on Friday. We went to this murder mystery thing at the Spring Haven Lodge, which, by the way, is sooo cool! It's a beautiful cabin.

Basically what happened was we went there and they gave us name tags and drinks and we mingled with the cast. The story goes that this old man who owned the house changed his will a week before, and just barely died. He invited his entire extended family to come to the reading of his will, and so we just talked to the cast about the strange circumstances of his death, who they think should get the estate, and so on. Then they read the will, and the man who got all the money was a complete jerk who was engaged to a maid and dating the daughter of the high society family who expected to receive the large inheritance. Then he was mysteriously killed, the man who owned the estate in the first place came back and was like it was all pretend, I didn't die, but you killed someone! And then we listened to some of the characters being interrogated, and then met as groups to decide who done it. It was pretty entertaining, the acting was very good, and the whole atmosphere was just fun and mysterious. Jason got sooo into it, and kept noticing new clues and stuff, and I contributed my thoughts too, although I was not as interested in playing detective as I was in the food and socializing. Anyway, it was a cool date, I'd recommend it to anyone.

That day, something else really random happened. I was sitting there in the Cougareat with Carla after Heather and Lisa and Winnie had left me after the former two and I had practiced ASL for an hour. She asked what I was doing, and I said the murder mystery, and here, I'll show you a flyer hold on I'll run and get one. When I was walking back, I saw this guy standing at the table talking to her. I was like, "Oh he's cute, I wonder who he is?" and then when I sat back down he said, "Oh, you're back! I know you! Do you know me?" I didn't. Well, at least I didn't think I did. "Maybe...?" So we started going through where we were from, EFYs, places we've visited, where we lived, on down the line, and nothing came up. We didn't even have any friends in common on Facebook. His cute sister was there, and she made it more relaxed by teasing him about how he never knew me and how he just wanted to get my number, which of course, had crossed my mind. He was adamant that we had met before, and my name clicked with my face and he knewwww he had hung out with me before. Apparently he just moved here a few months though, and he never went here, and he is already graduated from an AZ school and applying to medical school. He served his mission in Dominican Republic, he's from AZ, and he might have passed through MD, but he doesn't know. So we're pretty lost. He got my number though, and I friended him on Facebook, so I guess we will see.

Anyway, I guess I should do my homework.

Love, me :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Past 2 weeks

So Saturday we took Meg to the airport-- me, Heather, Jordan Lee, and Meg. It was a disaster. We first tried to park at U of U because Meg wanted to see it. They were having a home game that day, so parking was impossible. Jordan and I drove around while Heather and Meg tried to explore. We got tired of driving around, so we called them to try to pick them up, but it turned into a 45 minute search because none of us had any idea where anything is. Then, we went to eat, and figured we didn't have time for the mall, so we went to spoon me instead, and took some pictures. Then we went to the airport. And then Meg thought she lost her ticket, but found it, and then after we dropped her off, Jordan got a ticket because she had an expired registration and was speeding. the cop let her off for the speeding though. I felt so bad for everyone.

The whole next week was filled with projects and tests and random things that my professors all wanted to throw at me at once. I was a very stressed girl. The Relief Society presidency went on that date with the EQ presidency. It was fun... only me and Shannon actually went because Lori had to work late and Tashi flew to Colorado because her Grandpa died. Shannon was on time, and I was about an hour late, so she spent quite a great deal of time with them alone... poor girl. We went hot tubbing and ate pizza and drank soda. Apparently they want to do it again... probably to see the other girls in their swim suits, and they don't seem too excited about it so I don't know.

Earlier that day, I missed the bus, and I started talking to this guy who told me how to get on the next bus, a different one, and which stop I should get off at, and where to walk. For anyone reading who doesn't know me, I know essentially nothing about directions. I've been going to school here for 3 years, and I still have no idea how to get around Provo, not even from my apartment to BYU. Then I was texting Lori and saying I would be late for the date, and I said in the text that I was walking part of it and "I dunno, some guy's explaining it to me..." and suddenly behind me this guy's voice said "Some guy's explaining what?" and it was Brian Delmage, one of my friends from MD! He said he would walk me home, because he lives right across the street at Wyview. It made me happy to see such a nice little miracle, because without him I would have wandered around forever.

That night Caitlin came into town. I was pretty lame for her visit, because I kept studying for Accounting 210, which was SO HARD btw, I got a 77.5%, which made me quite happy actually. I got a 98% on my marriage and family test, AND Andrew's, my ASL professor's car got broken into, so they stole his bag with the tests, and we all get 100%s!!!!!!! That made me so happy :)

On Friday night, we went to the stake Halloween party, which was fun, and then to the Alpine village dance party. It was fun, too, we saw Adam, one of the pest control boys, and he introduced us to his friend, Mark, who got Heather's number. The Saturday night we went to this big block party at 50 East, it was fun, it turned into this big moshing thing, but it's kind of entertaining to be all falling into each other, I think. Then, Mark texted Heather and told her to come over and watch a movie, and so we went and watched this scariest movie about this family who moves into this house and the previous owners we all killed by the father of the family because the voices told him to do it.... it was sooooo scary! We also held a boa constrictor which was cool. the boys were more scared than we were I think. But we have Hammer in our blood so we like snakes. Thanks mom!

This week I just studied, and took tests, and then I just relaxed. Anyway, we're going to the temple tomorrow morning (I'm so excitedd!!!!) so i should get to bed. Night!