Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patty's Day Lucky Scavenger Hunt Date!

So last year, Dahl made St. Patrick's Day special for me, so I decided this year I would make it special for him! I totally lucked out, too, because it was on a Saturday. I took some inspiration from the Dating Diva's, and came up with an idea all of my own for a fun date with my man! Since St. Patrick's Day is all about luck, I decided to tell Dahl about why I am lucky to have him in the form of a scavenger hunt for green/ Irish things!

First, though, we started off the morning with a little green breakfast of green pancakes, green eggs, and green milk! Then, we watched the St. Patrick's Day episode from How I Met Your Mother and from The Office. After that, our treasure hunt began!

  1. I’m LUCKY to have you because… you are the best shopping buddy! So let’s go to DI and strut our stuff!
I told Dahl we had to pick the most ridiculous green outfits we could
find and try them on! Here's what I looked like before...
And after!
Fabulous! There were a TON of these little treasures there... I'm pretty sure they were bridesmaid dresses. Reminds me of one of those 27 dresses dresses... poor girls!

Dahl went for a more ugly sweater contest + manly camouflage pants look.

Kind of like Maid Marian and Robin Hood? That's what the lady taking our picture thought.
I guess Robin Hood probably wore camouflage! Or wished for it!  
  2. I’m LUCKY to have you because… our love shamROCKS! Let’s go to McDonalds and get a shamrock shake to share.
Dahl demonstrating his complete disgust with the Maraschino cherry.
We had to go to 3 different McDonalds for this... but it was worth it!
We added Oreo to make it even more amazing!
  3. I’m LUCKY to have you because… you are so sweet (not sour)! Here are some more treats for your sweet tooth (or maybe my sweet tooth… but we can share!) Back to the house!

  4. I’m LUCKY to have you because… you are so funny, honey. (Look by the honey for your next treat!)
I know this has nothing to do with being funny... but I didn't know what did so I had to improvise.

  5. I’m LUCKY to have you because… nothing can chip away at our love! (Kitchen Counter)
We used these to make guacamole for our chips! Chips and salsa are Dahl's favorites, but adding guacamole makes it even more delicious!
  6. I’m LUCKY to have you because… we stick together no matter what! We are best friends and always a team! (A little to your right)
  7. I’m LUCKY to have you because… you Dew that thing you DEW! (Fridge)
Mt. Dew is hands down our favorite drink, so we got super lucky because it's green too!
  8. I’m LUCKY to have you because… you are the best kisser! Plus, I’m nuts about you! (Family room)
Get it? I thought it was pretty clever :)
9. I’m LUCKY to have you because… you make up the best songs about me every day! (But you don't have to make one up right now. Please just sing “Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly?”)

     If you've ever seen "Catch Me if You Can!", you've seen them sing it in this scene. A random customer sang this to me over the phone and I was so tickled about it I told my whole family to learn it and change the words so it's about me:
      Has anybody here seen Kelly?
      K E double L Y?
      Has anybody here seen Kelly?
      Have you seen him (her) smile?
      Sure his (her) hair is red (blonde)
      His (her) eyes are blue
      And (s)he's Irish (insert complimentary adjective here) through and through
      Has anybody here seen Kelly?
      Kelly from the Emerald Isle!

I thought it was fitting because it was about being "Irish through and through". You don't have to do this song, though. Think of any song you would like your husband to sing to you!
  10. I’m LUCKY to have you because… you are the best movie buddy and cuddle-bug ever! So let’s watch a St. Patrick’s Day movie!
I saw this on a lot of lists for St. Patrick's Day movies, and when I learned that Dahl's parents owned it,
I asked them to borrow it. We actually ended up really liking it!
  11. I’m LUCKY to have you because… you know you got lucky with me, too! (Yeah, you did!)
Afterwards, we went to El Pollo Loco with Dahl's family, and had a great time just talking and being together as a family (not really part of the date date, but I figured I'd include it since it was part of our day).



In Laws :)

Dahl thought the date was really fun, and we had a great time remembering how lucky we are to have each other!


  1. I love it! It looks like it was a great St. Patrick's day. You've gotten me excited for next year.

  2. Very clever and fun! I loved your finds at DI. Do you think dad and I would like the movie?

  3. Looks like fun! That movie is one of my favorites but it somehow always makes me cry.

  4. Oh sad :( It is emotional at times for sure! Mom, I think you would like it. It's pretty clean I would say. And a really good love story I think.