Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tubing& When Dahl and I First Held Hands :)

So, Monday Dahl and I went tubing! This is actually what we did on our first date, so we were going to do it on the anniversary of our first date (like we did last year), but Dahl ended up having a test, so we didn't. When we got there, we learned that we were supposed to have reservations (which never was an issue before), but they said they would still let us in, we would just have to wait until 6, so what did we do? Went to dinner at a random Mexican restaurant, of course!! We went to Don Pedros, which was AMAZING. We loved it!

Then, we only ended up going down the hill twice because it was pretty slushy snow, so we weren't going very fast. I remember last year just FLYING, and almost hitting the fence every time. Dahl gave us good push-offs, so we didn't stop in the middle like a lot of people, but it was still pretty slow.

We still had a ton of fun though, and will definitely go again next year, just earlier in the year so it's not so warm. In some ways, the warm was nice, because usually we end up leaving because it's so freezing, there is nothing else to do. However, it did soak through my boots, so that was another negative.

One of the biggest positives of it being freezing when we first went, was that that gave DAhl and awesome excuse to hold my hand for the first time. (Well, actually, we had before, but that was during cuddling, which we decided doesn't count.) Dahl wasn't sure how I would react, so he decided to ease into it. We were stopped at a stop sign (which he always points out to me when we go tubing), and he said, "My hands are really cold! We should warm up each other's hands!" So we did. And he kept holding my hand. All the way home :)


  1. OMG that's so cheesy. XD ahahahhahaa. "We should warm up each others hands"??? Wow. Smooth move Dahl. ;)