Friday, March 25, 2011

Our St. Patrick's Day Party!

So, both Dahl and I forgot about St. Patrick's Day. Neither of us even by chance wore a speck of green. Luckily, no one pinched me, except Dahl :)

But, when we got home, he was very sad we had forgotten. He just couldn't believe it had eluded us. I think, mostly, he was sad because on the anniversary of when we first started dating officially (March 4th), we were both sick and totally forgot about it. We usually are so good at remembering those sorts of things (remember my Valentine's Week post?), so I think he thought that we were starting to forget everything of note, even St. Patrick's Day.

When I was little, my mom would usually do something like make green eggs or green pancakes and dye our milk green. It was fun, but hardly the biggest holiday in our home, so it honestly didn't bother me that we had forgotten. After all, we probably aren't even that Irish! So, I brushed off Dahl's annoyance about it, and started cleaning the apartment. Dahl left to do laundry. When he came back, he had a surprise:

"I brought home a St. Patrick's Day party!" he said.

How freaking cute is that?? One thing I love about Dahl is that he likes to celebrate the little things, and that is what we did :) It may not be a big deal to forget a holiday, but why, when you could remember and make it fun?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Valentine's Week

The week of February 14-20 was Valentine's WEEK for us! Why, you ask?? I'll tell you!!

Feb 14- Valentine's Day!
Feb 17- Anniversary of our first date!
Feb 19- Anniversary of our first kiss!
February 20- 3 months of marriage!

That is why :) What a perfect excuse to fall in love all over again! This is what we did:

Valentine's Day (Monday):
Dahl had to go to school early, so i didn't think I would see him until 8 at night when I got off work, but I was wrong! In between classes he picked up a dozen red roses, lots of candy, and strawberries with chocolate we could use to make chocolate covered strawberries! He also bought these "lottery" ticket like things that do what when and where scratch offs for dates. The first one was perfect because it was for chocolate-covered strawberries whenever we wanted at our apt :) He also gave me a sweet card. He called me to tell me to get off the bus and ride with him to school, and presented these lovely gifts to me! It was very sweet. That night, we went to Red Lobster to eat which was delicious, of course. It was a wonderful Valentine's Day, the best I've ever had :)

Feb 17 (Thursday)- Anniversary of our 1st Date
Dahl was super cute and decided to re-enact our first date!! I wish so bad we took pictures on that date, but we didn't so here are our pictures from this date!
About to go!

We went tubing in Park City (I think-- as you know, I am not the best at knowing where I am...)! It was fun to remember how it was back then :) Dahl even showed me the place that he had me "warm up his hands" so he could hold my hand the whole ride home! He's cute, huh? Then, we went to Texas Roadhouse. On the actual first date, we got a Papa Johns pizza, but we had eaten pizza the night before, so we didn't want it again. We also watched UP! on the first date, but we had watched it about a month earlier, so we watched the current Netflix we had: Frequency! Not really the same genre, but it was good.
Us with our cute badges

Tubing is fun!!

Feb 18 (Friday)
We went up to Park City to go shopping!! It was so much fun! Dahl is the best shopping buddy ever :) He finds things for me to try on, tells me what he thinks about them and how pretty I am, and gets whatever sizes I need. He was so nice and fun! The outlet's in Park City are AMAZING by the way, such great deals! We went to Winger's for dinner. Amy got the best thing-- sticky finger salad. Yum!

Feb 19 (Saturday)- Anniversary of our first kiss

(There it is!! Haha, jk)

This day I got to go to cute Lori's bridal shower! I am so excited for her!! Then Dahl and I went straight to lunch with his parents at this amazing Thai restaurant we recently discovered called Thai Mango. It is so good! Then, we went up to Salt Lake to see the planetarium. It was a fun little date. We went with our good friends, David and Amy. We also went to a light show, which was probably the worst experience of my and Amy's lives, but the boys seemed to enjoy it. Personally, having Pink Floyd blasted at me while laser beams flash in my eyes is not my idea of a good time. Haha, oh well. Then, we went to this family-style Italian restaurant called Buca's, so we all got a huge noodle dish and shared. It was cool because you end up saving money eating that way :)

Feb 20 (Sunday) 3 Months of Marriage
We went to Dahl's house for dinner like usual... it was lovely of course :)

Feb 21- President's Day!
A long time ago, Dahl and I got a GroupOn where we paid $35 for $70 worth of food at Christopher's Seafood and Steakhouse. (PS- seriously, if you don't have Groupon you should! We LOVE it! Here's a link!) It was the fanciest restaurant I have ever been to! They had a live pianist, and it was very quiet, so we had to talk softly. I got salmon and it was literally the best salmon I have ever tasted in my life!! (Except for Dahl :) Haha- that was not meant to be dirty btw) Dahl got steak and he liked it as well. When they gave us rolls, the butter was so amazing, I almost died. Isn't that a weird thing to compliment?? But it was SO GOOD! It was fun for us to be fancy for a night!

Fancy Shmancy!

Basically, it was a wonderful week! I'm so glad I married the best husband ever :)