Sunday, March 4, 2012

Free Food Date!

SO, for Valentine's Day, I made a resolution to plan a surprise date each month this year! I absolutely love reading those marriage and dating blogs, and since all I am doing is working, I figured I have enough time to plan some fun dates for me and my hubby! This is my first go at it:

Dahl and I have 2 Starving Students Cards. [For those of you who don't know, if you are a student, you can pay about $30 (or $40 for 2 when they are on sale at the school, which is what we did.. I might be like $10 off, I can't remember), and you get a paper with TONS of little deals on them. According to the card, it has $7603 in total value, and $976 in free stuff.]

Some things on the card are absolutely free- no purchase necessary, so I have always wanted to go on a "free date", where we just go get all the free food on the card, so that is what I planned. I looked up the location and came up with a list of 10 places that would be fun, and put them in order so we could drive in basically a straight line through them. This is my invitation I gave to Dahl (See if you can guess what the clues mean- some have multiple clues to help you if you get stuck on the first one!):

You’re invited… to a Free Food Date!!
That’s Right… Free!!
(Courtesy of our Starving Student Cards)
Here are some clues to tell you where to go!






Haha JK! OR...

- O's




- A-






Didn't get all of them?? Here are some hints if you still want to try!
1. The kind of tree- sound out, sound out-sound out
2. Noun- type of dog
3. Game- noun
4. Inside Joke, Spell-Out, Type of Water Sound Out
6. Sound out
7. Not a kangaroo- nouns
8.Noun- exercise type
9. Adjective- Noun
10. Noun- the big word

Still didn't get them?? Here are the answers:

1. Hickory Kist
2. Pita Pit
3. Blackjack Pizza
4. Beto's
5. Iceberg
6. Tomasso's
7. Wallaby's Smokehouse and Barbecue
8. Juice Press
9. Wiseguyz Pizzeria
10. Yogurt Bliss

Dahl was super good at it! It only took him a couple minutes and clues to get all of them! (I married a smart one :) )

We only ended up going to five of these fun places- and that was PLENTY of food! The date began in the late morning, and we had a Groupon that was about to expire, so first we went to the Awful Waffle:
It was super yummy!

Then, for the most money we spent all day, we went to the dollar theater to see Adventures of TinTin!

$2.50 baby :)

Then, we moved onto the free food clues for a late lunch!

At Pita Pit, we each got a free cookie!

At Blackjack Pizza, we each got a personal cheese pizza!

At Beto's we each got a drink- one pina, one horchata!

It was burning my mouth!

We got "Smashers" from Wallaby's Smokehouse and BBQ- basically cheesy mashed potatoes!

At Juice Press we each got a free 12 oz smoothie!

It was SO much fun!! Dahl thought the hints were way cool and it's kind of exciting to go to a bunch of places and never have to get out your credit card :) We are definitely going to do it again to use the other freebies! If you have a Starving Student's card, this is an awesome way to have a cheap (or free!) date!

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