Friday, February 17, 2012

How Dating Couples is Kind of Like Just Plain Dating

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Dahl and I were discussing this the other day... and it is so funny! When we go on dates with couples it is so similar to just dating each other. Of course there are OBVIOUS differences, but it is still fun. Let me count the ways:

1. When you ask another couple out for the first time, sometimes you worry it will be awkward. What if you aren't compatible as a couple?? But you like them... other interactions have been fun, so hopefully this will be too.

2. But, you think to yourself, if it is awkward, you will just drop them off after the original date (usually dinner). If not, maybe they can come over and watch a movie or play a game!

3. You're not quite sure how to interact at first. Will they like that joke? That movie? That game??

4. Sometimes you wonder who should ask out/ initiate contact after the first date... you don't want to seem too forward; what if they aren't interested?!

5. Sometimes you just do things because the other couple wants to, and you like them, so you want to be nice and seem willing and fun.

6. You try to dress up nicer for the first few dates to be more impressive, but as the dates become more frequent, your clothes become more "blah" and casual.

7. Same goes for your date plans. At first it is all intense and crazily planned out and intricate. Two weeks in advance: "Let's go on a hike, tubing down the river, to dinner, and then to a fondue party back at my place." Then, as you become more comfortable with each other, you relax more. 27 minutes in advance: "Want to come over and watch a movie? We'll get a Redbox!"

8. When they break up, it's kind of like they also are breaking up with you as a couple, too. That's kind of how I feel after two of our best couple- friends broke up. We are still friends with them as individuals, but we can't date them anymore... until they find someone new of course!

Also, just for fun, here is a link to a fun article about how double dating helps your relationship!


  1. hahaha so true Kelly!! I love this post!

  2. This made me laugh so much because it's SO TRUE!! And I read the article that you linked; pretty sure Steven and I need to start double dating way more often. ...You guys wanna go out? ;)

    1. Umm YESS! Totally :) I've miss you since we moved!