Friday, February 17, 2012

Will you be my Dahl-entine??

( He said yes!)

So this week is Valentines week, as I explained last year, because it is the anniversary of our first date, first kiss, and it is Valentine's Day!

SO, Valentine's Day was super fun! Dahl made me french toast for breakfast, which I love. He also found this in the shower!
(with a cute bath crayon)

I found this cute idea here. (Please excuse the horrible handwriting, the shower has bumps on the walls (you know those little ones?) so it is hard to write pretty.) But it's way fun because we can write each other notes in the shower and it washes off easily with water :)
Then he took me to work, where I proceeded to make a bunch of sales, so I made about $70 extra, which is a pretty big deal for me!
Then, he picked me up and gave me a vase of a dozen roses,

a bag of treats (I don't think anyone makes better chocolate than Dove. Seriously.)
inside a super cute bag,

a picture frame with photos of us from our Utah wedding reception (which I finally got after losing them shortly after it occured),

and a sweet note. Inside the note were two tickets to see the Vow!
I have been wanting to see it ever since I saw the previews, so I was so excited!!
We went to Shoots, which was, as usual, amazing! We got Firecracker Chicken and Honey Walnut Chicken with raspberry cheesecake at the end. We ran out of there to get to our movie, and barely got 2 seats together :)
I liked the Vow, but for me it focused too much on the sad; it ended happily, but it was so quick that I felt like I still had lingering sad feelings that it didn't quite get rid of. But, still a good movie, and based on an amazing story!
Then we went to Walmart to get sugar cookie- making ingredients. We didn't end up finishing them until Thursday, but here are our creations:

Finally, I gave Dahl a love note and this:

It is inspired by Pinterest, and this blog. Basically, you can use dry-erase markers to white what you love about each other whenever you want. I wanted it to be bigger than the one in the blog so we could write even more things!!

My presents were very similar this year, but I thought they were both so fun and I'm excited to
use them to tell each other what we love about them and write silly notes.
Dahl prepared such a great Valentine's day for me and I'm glad he is my Valentine (or Dahlentine)!!

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  1. Happy Valentines Day Kelly! Dahl is lucky to have you!