Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Bachelor!

Okay, first of all I want to say… I have NEVER liked the Bachelor. I thought it was catty and stupid because what kind of crazy girl would do something like that?! I would legitimately hate it, and I would leave immediately. But, my sister Heather really wanted us to watch it with her, so now I watch it with her, Savana, Jacob, Ian, and Tony. (Why no Dahl, you ask? Well… because when he watched part of an episode with us he said, and I quote, “I could watch the goriest, grossest movie EVER and not feel as crappy as I do now after watching that show.” Dad says he gets his man card back now. Personally, I think he kind of likes it- he totally enjoys listening to me babble about it (?) and last episode he snuck in to “get a break from homework”… and stayed for the duration of the show. So he’s not fooling this girl!)


I have found that I quite enjoy the drama that is The Bachelor, probably mostly because of how fun it is to watch it with this crew. We have a cheat sheet with names and pictures of all the girls, and a place to put notes, including symbols for crying and kissing. The boys, especially, are very into rooting on their girls as they vie for the love of Ben, who I think is being semi- annoying… but I don’t think it is possible for anyone to not be annoying when they are placed into that situation so I suppose he can be given some lee-way…

Thoughts on the last episode:


Date with Rachel= MEGA-AWKWARD!! But at least she was real instead of just falling all over him and telling sob stories.


Group Date: HATE Courtney… she’s so freaking manipulative it’s maddening. Ben was so cute with Kacie B (who is being a little more whiny than I like, but I think it’s because she is one of the most genuinely interested girls there) and then Courtney swooped in and ruined it all. I am betting she will stay for a long time, though, because she brings the kind of drama this show thrives on, and we love to hate her.

Kacie B

Also, that was way awkward for Samantha when he sent her home in the middle of the cocktail party, but at least he was honest with her. The boys thought it was hilarious how he shot her down.


Date with Jennifer: Adorable… she is so fun and real and she hardly ever whines which I like. And their date was super fun… a little too scary for my taste, though. And Ben- stop trying to make things like jumping into chasms and climbing to sickeningly disturbing heights something figurative and symbolic like plunging into love and overcoming your fears and letting people in… if someone is scared of heights, they should not have to prove their love by doing those sorts of crazy things. (PS I hate heights.)


Rose Ceremony: I love Emily, and I think she is one of the nicest girls on the show, but she was dumb to try to warn Ben about the real Courtney—it totally backfired. However, I think she deserves better than Ben, anyway, so I will be sad when she leaves, which, sadly, looks like it will be soon if she can’t drop the Courtney issue.


Also, I was sad to see Monica go, but we all knew it had to happen sooner or later… She did bring a great voice of reason to the drama on the show so it will be interesting to see how the dynamic changes among the girls.


Anyway, right now I am Team Emily/ Kacie B/ Jennifer/ kinda Lindzi C- all the way… and if anyone wants to come over and watch it with us on Monday/ Tuesday nights (I have been watching on both…doubly embarrassing, I know), please feel free :). It’s a party!

Lindzi C

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  1. Hey Dahl don't worry...I secretly love the bachelor too!