Saturday, January 21, 2012

Girl Time!

All my sisters :) When we were home for Christmas we did about 3 sister photo shoots... I have so much fun with my cute sisters! Love them <3

*For the record, none of the pictures featured in this post are from last weekend... they are just random ones of me and the girls featured in this post... and some even have boys in them (gasp!)! *

I am a firm believer in the awesomeness of girl- time. Of course, my cute husband is my favorite person to hang out with ever and I’d rather be with him than anyone else most of the time, but there is something to be said for giggling with girls whilst painting your nails and watching a chick flick. My favorite girls in the world are my sisters (and sisters in law), my mom (and mom in law) and my friend, Amy. I have so much fun with all of them! And last weekend was prime time for girl time! For example:

This is us bull-frogging :)

Last Friday, a big group of us were going to the Pie. I didn’t know most of the people in the group, because it was mostly full of Jacob’s friends, but the van ended up having me, Dahl, Heather, Jacob, and two other boys, Ian and Mitch. Heather and I ended up sitting in the middle seat while Jacob and Mitch sat in the back and Ian and Dahl sat in the front. And we had a BLAST! I seriously felt like I was having a girls night because we basically were only talking to each other and laughing SO HARD!! Half of it was just remembering this clip from 101 Dalmations 2… you know you think random things that aren’t that funny are when you are with your best friend too :)

We have always been BFF!

Us with our men at Cornbelly's!

The next day, Dahl had to go to the math lab all day (poor baby), so I went to lunch with his cute sister Savana. We talked for like two hours and had such a great time. I love her, she is such a fun sister in law for me. And we went to Zupas which is AMAZING!

Apparently I haven't ever taken a picture with just Bana so this is with Dahl too.

That night was David’s birthday. He is dating Amy, who is one of my other favorite girls, and she was very tired of watching football games all day with him (being a good girlfriend and all), so we left our men to watch another game while she took me to go get soup from Olive Garden. It took 15 minutes each way plus a half hour wait and a half hour walk, so we had the best time catching up and chatting, mostly about the men in our lives… isn’t that generally what half of girl talk consists of anyway?

This is us in Vegas...

And with our men in St. George :)

I had such a fun weekend with my girls, and I am grateful to have such great girl-friends!


  1. funny mnm picture... is he touching your but kelly?

  2. Haha, very perceptive Sarah Sue, I had totally forgotten about that!