Saturday, January 7, 2012

Home for Christmas Part 2!

And here we are back for the second half of vacation at home:

This is a random dessert I made... I think it looks better than it tasted but still good.

*I forgot to mention that on Friday we went and visited our elementary, middle, and high schools. We ate lunch with Jacob and Sarah and saw a lot of our favorite teachers from our childhoods/ adolescent years which was really fun. Dahl thinks it's weird that we are friends with our teachers, but we love them :). One of my favorite parts was when Heather and Nicole waltzed right into a Family Life class when they were learning about puberty for girls! The teacher, not missing a beat, said "Oh yes, they have been through it!" and ushered them out. She told them what they had burst into and said, "I can't believe you guys walked in on a Family Life class! You guys are gross!" She was a hoot. Here is Julie with an ESOL sign (English as a Second Language). For the reason for this picture click here. It's kind of a funny story.

1. Thursday: The whole family minus dad went to DC for the Tour de Nicole. We met the little boy Nicole nannied for and his family. We went to the zoo, the Archives, the Air and Space Museum, and saw some monuments at night. Nicole also pointed out other areas of the city she loved as we drove around. Finally, Sarah got pooped on by a bird. And I cleaned her up.

The zoo!

Look at Heather seducing the panda...

A random sign outside the Archives we thought was funny

Air and Space Museum

Washington Memorial

Capitol Building

Botanical Gardens

2. Friday: We took family photos with Kellie Nuss. She took our wedding photos and is amazing! After the photo shoot the girls were not done (of course) so we hurried back to the playground to do a sister photo shoot. Don’t worry, we did about 3 over the course of our time at home. We love us some pictures—mostly of ourselves. Unfortunately, upon arriving, we found that the children at this playground had multiplied! What?! “Playgrounds aren’t for children, they are for adults wanting to do photo shoots!” (direct quote courtesy of Nicole). We managed to run as fast as possible between unused equipment when the kids got bored of them and got quite a few pictures in. Please enjoy this mini break to look at us be goofs:

Look at how much Nicole didn't want to be in this pic...

Afterwards, Nicole wanted to go to the mall, so Heather, Julie, and I agreed to go too. Upon arriving, Julie and I decided we were far too tired to go to the mall, so we slept in the car while Heather and Nicole went in. Nicole brought back Chipotle, and for reasons that no one quite understands, decided I was the chosen one who she would share with. Sa-WEET! Heather brought us frozen yogurt and shared with us all. It was amazing! Then we had a girl party and watched 13 Going on 30. Um LOVE that movie! We had an awesome out-of-this-world dance party afterwards to the credits music. Here's another photo shoot... don't remember when it was taken:

3. Saturday: New Years Eve! We went to Hunan Manor (our family tradition) and it was wonderful (thanks Daddy!). We spent the night hanging out, making New Years Resolutions, and watching Captain America.

4. Sunday: We went to church, and Dahl and I sat in on a Valiant 9 class (our new calling in our home ward!) I am so freaking excited to teach primary J. We went home, packed, played Set, and ate some yummy ribs my mommy made. We also took pictures with the quilts my mom for our baptisms.


I am scary!!

Then we said a teary goodbye and it was back to Utah.

All the sibs!

I had such a wonderful time seeing my family! It is hard to live so far away but it is nice to know we can be together forever!

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