Friday, March 25, 2011

Our St. Patrick's Day Party!

So, both Dahl and I forgot about St. Patrick's Day. Neither of us even by chance wore a speck of green. Luckily, no one pinched me, except Dahl :)

But, when we got home, he was very sad we had forgotten. He just couldn't believe it had eluded us. I think, mostly, he was sad because on the anniversary of when we first started dating officially (March 4th), we were both sick and totally forgot about it. We usually are so good at remembering those sorts of things (remember my Valentine's Week post?), so I think he thought that we were starting to forget everything of note, even St. Patrick's Day.

When I was little, my mom would usually do something like make green eggs or green pancakes and dye our milk green. It was fun, but hardly the biggest holiday in our home, so it honestly didn't bother me that we had forgotten. After all, we probably aren't even that Irish! So, I brushed off Dahl's annoyance about it, and started cleaning the apartment. Dahl left to do laundry. When he came back, he had a surprise:

"I brought home a St. Patrick's Day party!" he said.

How freaking cute is that?? One thing I love about Dahl is that he likes to celebrate the little things, and that is what we did :) It may not be a big deal to forget a holiday, but why, when you could remember and make it fun?


  1. This is so cute!! :) I love celebrating all the holidays!

  2. Where is your life's lessons post?!! My blog sidebar says you updated a week ago... but no post!! :(

  3. cute. I love St.Patrick's day:) Have a lovely day

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