Friday, November 6, 2009

Past 2 weeks

So Saturday we took Meg to the airport-- me, Heather, Jordan Lee, and Meg. It was a disaster. We first tried to park at U of U because Meg wanted to see it. They were having a home game that day, so parking was impossible. Jordan and I drove around while Heather and Meg tried to explore. We got tired of driving around, so we called them to try to pick them up, but it turned into a 45 minute search because none of us had any idea where anything is. Then, we went to eat, and figured we didn't have time for the mall, so we went to spoon me instead, and took some pictures. Then we went to the airport. And then Meg thought she lost her ticket, but found it, and then after we dropped her off, Jordan got a ticket because she had an expired registration and was speeding. the cop let her off for the speeding though. I felt so bad for everyone.

The whole next week was filled with projects and tests and random things that my professors all wanted to throw at me at once. I was a very stressed girl. The Relief Society presidency went on that date with the EQ presidency. It was fun... only me and Shannon actually went because Lori had to work late and Tashi flew to Colorado because her Grandpa died. Shannon was on time, and I was about an hour late, so she spent quite a great deal of time with them alone... poor girl. We went hot tubbing and ate pizza and drank soda. Apparently they want to do it again... probably to see the other girls in their swim suits, and they don't seem too excited about it so I don't know.

Earlier that day, I missed the bus, and I started talking to this guy who told me how to get on the next bus, a different one, and which stop I should get off at, and where to walk. For anyone reading who doesn't know me, I know essentially nothing about directions. I've been going to school here for 3 years, and I still have no idea how to get around Provo, not even from my apartment to BYU. Then I was texting Lori and saying I would be late for the date, and I said in the text that I was walking part of it and "I dunno, some guy's explaining it to me..." and suddenly behind me this guy's voice said "Some guy's explaining what?" and it was Brian Delmage, one of my friends from MD! He said he would walk me home, because he lives right across the street at Wyview. It made me happy to see such a nice little miracle, because without him I would have wandered around forever.

That night Caitlin came into town. I was pretty lame for her visit, because I kept studying for Accounting 210, which was SO HARD btw, I got a 77.5%, which made me quite happy actually. I got a 98% on my marriage and family test, AND Andrew's, my ASL professor's car got broken into, so they stole his bag with the tests, and we all get 100%s!!!!!!! That made me so happy :)

On Friday night, we went to the stake Halloween party, which was fun, and then to the Alpine village dance party. It was fun, too, we saw Adam, one of the pest control boys, and he introduced us to his friend, Mark, who got Heather's number. The Saturday night we went to this big block party at 50 East, it was fun, it turned into this big moshing thing, but it's kind of entertaining to be all falling into each other, I think. Then, Mark texted Heather and told her to come over and watch a movie, and so we went and watched this scariest movie about this family who moves into this house and the previous owners we all killed by the father of the family because the voices told him to do it.... it was sooooo scary! We also held a boa constrictor which was cool. the boys were more scared than we were I think. But we have Hammer in our blood so we like snakes. Thanks mom!

This week I just studied, and took tests, and then I just relaxed. Anyway, we're going to the temple tomorrow morning (I'm so excitedd!!!!) so i should get to bed. Night!

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  1. I forgot to add... Coke also fell out of the cup holder and spilled alllll over Jordan's car :( She's a Saint!