Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pirates, Masquerade Ball, Enrichment, Meghan, Car Troubles

So on Friday we went to the Pirates place- me, Tashi, Shannon, and Lori (the RS pres). It was so fun! We had to wait40 minutes for our table, but it ended up ok, we just took a lot of pictures. Then we waited forever for our food- like 40 minutes kind of forever, and people around us who go there later than we did had already paid and left by the time our food arrived. Apparently the pizza got dropped. I felt worse for this group date near us who still hadn't gotten their food by the time we left. We did get free tokens from Captain Jack Sparrow, and played in the arcade so we all earned huge rings that we wore to church on Sunday.

Speaking of Sunday, testimonies went fine, I'm glad it's over, filling 5 minutes wasn't as bad as I thought it was. Sunday was such a good day. It was so relaxing. Tashi's cute roommates were so sweet, one came up and gave me a brownie she made just randomly :)

On Saturday we went to the Masquerade Ball. It was so fun to dress up and look pretty.

On Tuesday, the beginning of car problems began. Scotty came over to study, and parked in this area that's not Raintree parking, so he got towed. I felt sooo bad for him. So that night I made him cookies and I wrote a note for his car. It said something like:
Dear Scotty's car,
I'm so sorry you got towed! I hope it wasn't too scary, and that the tow truck was nice and friendly. Hopefully, you make a full recovery soon. I know you can do it! The cookies are for you, don't let Scotty eat them all.
PS- You are really really ridiculously good-looking.
I don't know how much the car enjoyed it's card, but Scott seemed to like it. And the cookies, even though when I made them, I added waaay too much water (they were cake cookies and I added the amount on the box, not online), and had to sit and spoon out as much as I could. It made them really soft though, so it was good.

On Wednesday, Meghan came into town. This was quite the visit. Tashi drove me to the airport, and when we got there, this guy who Meghan met at EFY when we were 15 who had not seen her since who had kept in contact with her and sent her a diamond necklace and asked her to wait for him (which kind of freaked her out) randomly decided to surprise her and show up at the airport. Thaaat kind of scared the crap out of her, so she decided she didn't want to go with him to Utah State. Which was great, because I didn't want to go either. It would be me, her, and this guy, who we'll call Joey. He tried to find another guy to go, but apparently it was impossible. But being in the car with the two of them for 4 hours and walking around campus for at least one, would have been torture.

On Thursday night we had Enrichment- well, not Enrichment. We're not supposed to call it that anymore. We made gourmet caramel apples. They were so good. It also kicked off our second dating scheme. The boys who wanted to signed up and said how many dates they wanted to go on. The deal is, the girls fill in the slots with their names and numbers, and they have to all get completely filled. And the guys must in turn actually take them out. I signed up for 3 random guys... the problem is a lot of the girls have an attitude about it. They don't want to do it. I've heard every excuse from "What if he doesn't wanna take me out?" to "My mother taught me better," to "Why don't they just be men and ask me out??" which I can see the merit in all of them. But the main problem is, if no one signs up, guess who has to? Yep. The RS presidency. So I don't even want to know how many dates I'm going to end up going on if people don't sign up. And I don't mind dates. But I have school and friends and other things. And I was always raised that I can say no to dates. And this will basically take away my agency in the matter. So that legitimately bothers me. Because I really want to be good in my calling. And so I know if I am asked, I'll sign up. Ugh, and it makes me sick. There's this one guy who has 5 slots by his name. FIVE. Most guys have 1 or 2, and a few have 3. But then it skips to one with 5. And he has had no one signed up for his name. And I don't want to go on a date with him at allll. So hopefully we'll be able to talk at least one poor other girl into signing up. Because if not, it won't fulfill the deal, because only 4 of 5 spots will be filled with the RS presidency.

So on Friday, since Utah state fell through, instead, he took us to lunch at Macaroni Grill. It was nice, especially because he paid, even though we definitely didn't expect him to. Then that night we were trying to figure out how to get to a party. We were gonna take the bus, but we couldn't figure it out. We invited him to come, but he said he was in SLC. We decided to just walk. Until like 10 mintues later he texted us and said he was coming to rescue us and pulled up next to us. So we got in and went to this Electronic Dance Party. While there, I saw a lot of people from my ward, which was fun. Then me and Meg started dancing with this random group of guys and we talked to them for like a half hour and took pictures with them by this really good photographer, pics are at Then they said they were leaving, but turned back after about two minutes and asked us if we wanted a ride home. So, not being able to find Joey, we accepted. This one guy seriously thought Meghan was sooo cute. He was hitting on her all night. But he didn't ask for her number. Which kind of bothered her. A lot. So she took it upon herself to find him on Facebook. It took a while, but she did succeed.

Then today we went to SLC. Pretty much everything that could have gone wrong today did. We couldn't find parking at U of U because it was a game day, so Heather and Meg just got out and walked around and it took 45 minutes after we started looking for them to find them. I felt bad because Jordan Lee was driving and everyone was getting so frustrated because no one knew where to go. Finally we found each other, and then we went to lunch at Cafe Rio and dessert at Spoon Me, because we decided there wasn't enough time to go shopping. Then soda spilled all over the back of the car, and Jordan got a ticket for expired something and speeding, but she just got a warning for speeding and a citation or something. I felt so bad. We got back just in time for the game, which we left early and lost dramatically. So sad. Now I'm going to Walmart with Crystal and Heather! Bye!

PS- Update: Philip called me to talk to me for the last time before he goes on a mission. I will miss him but he will be great! <3

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