Saturday, October 10, 2009


This week, starting Sunday, I was sick. I'm pretty much over it now, but it was annoying all week. I was lucky because I only had one test this week, which I actually took today-- the grammar test, which wasn't that bad. I think that being sick makes me less productive, which I'm sure is a usual effect, but the reason is my mind-set. I just think that because I'm sick, I shouldn't have to do anything. That makes me more chatty than ever. My poor study buddy was probably dying because all I wanted to do was talk. So mostly this week I studied (Accounting had 3 quizzes due...) and chatted. On Thursday I watched the Office, of course, and it was the wedding! So adorable. I still haven't talked about the first time I watched the Office this season, and I have said I would for awhile, so here we go:

A guy in my ward invited me, Christine, and Heather over to his apartment to watch it. So we happily trooped across Raintree and talked for a few minutes until it began. One of his roommates came out, and we said he could watch with us if he wanted to. He said no, he had homework, or something, and then stood to watch the first part. At one point, it shows Meredith rubbing herself all over one of the interns pretending to be reaching for something... so I mean relatively funny, but this guy laughed for the ENTIRE REST OF THE SEGMENT INTO THE COMMERCIAL as loudly as possible!!!!! It was so loud that I could not hear the lines and it was seriously pissing me off. Like legitimately. Then he left and I was like Praaiiseee the Lord!! ... except he came back and said, "You know, I think I'll watch this," as he sat down RIGHT NEXT TO ME. He continued to laugh obnoxiously the entire rest of the episode. I seriously wanted to die. I hate not being able to hear when I've never seen something before. And I am serious about the Office.

Also, it was Heather's birthday this week!!! I have the most beautiful wonderful sister and I love her a lot! It was Winnie's birthday this week too :) I love her too!

On Heather's birthday we went to lunch at Tucanos. It was so good! I had never been there before, and seriously the guys came with food soo quickly, it was pretty much impossible to keep up with them. It was really fun, though. The plans for the night changed multiple times. First, we were invited to party #1. But they kept asking if we were coming. Every. Single. Day. It was so intense it made me not want to go. Then we were invited to party #2. It sounded pretty fun... but we didn't know which we should go to. So we finally decided to go to party #2. Then, Heather called me a half hour before we were about to leave, and asked if I wanted to go to a Haunted Forest instead.

Sooo we went to the one in American Fork. We also went to Psycho Manor. I was surprised at how un- scared I was. I went Freshmen year and I almost died. I remember the worst part was when we ran into this huge guy with a jack in the box. He said he wanted me to wind it up. I really didn't want to, so I whimpered "Nooo!" And all the boys decided to show off their manliness by offering to do it, but the giant would not hear of it. "No, I want her!" he said, pointing at me. I hesitantly went and began to wind,but nothing happened. "You broke my toy!" the giant yelled, and then chased me with a chainsaw. The entire time I was grabbing onto the people in my group in terror. This time I was definitely holding onto everyone in my group, but I was not nearly as scared. It was pretty fun I thought. A little too long, though. I was pretty much over it after we were halfway through. I think Psycho Manor was better.

The people who went were the following: me, Heather, Christine, Winnie, Lauren (Winnie's friend), Jordan (my roomie from freshman year), Danny, a girl he brought, Dallin (a friend of Winnie's we met before), and Jeff and Spencer, brothers who were friends with Lauren. The boys were so fun! Jeff is actually in a lot of the same classes with me, and I talked to him and Spencer most of the night. We went back to Lauren's house for hot chocolate afterwards, and it was really fun. I'm glad we chose that option :)

Anyway, I think I'm done. Tomorrow I have to give the lesson in RS, Shannon called me this morning and said they couldn't find anyone soo hopefully that works out. I've never given a lesson before, so I'm a little nervous, but I'm sure it will be fine... anyway I'm out :)

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