Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oh I have mono... I hope you don't mind

Haha did that title surprise you??
Well read on, and you will know why I said that.

Okay, I know this is early, but I really don't want to study for Isys right now, and I'm worried about having time to do this on Saturday, so I will summarize what I have done this week and what I will do in the near future.

First of all, my lesson went pretty well. It was about families, much like my talk, but I managed to think of more stories about my family so the girls didn't get too tired of them. It was only about 15 minutes because we tried to organize visiting teaching that Sunday... that was an adventure haha.

This Monday we had FHE, as usual. It was okay... we played baseball.
I don't think I've talked about my lack of ability in playing sports, but it's pretty bad. It's never that big of a deal to me, I'm willing to participate, but I prefer to have as little responsibility as possible. That's why when I was constantly called up to re-demonstrate my utter incapacity to hit the ball, when I struck out over and over again, and they continued to make me take another turn and told me I could do it, I got really really reaaaaallllllly frustrated. They had a team of like 15? and only 5 of us were girls. They decided that it should go boy girl boy girl alll the time. It literally made me sick when I heard them call out "Girl? Girl?" every other person and I knew that it was getting closer to my turn. I got so excited when we got outs because it was less likely I would ever have to fail in front of everyone again. In my opinion, the first time it's nice because then you're just being inclusive. The second time it's nice if I act like I want to because I want to prove that I can.... but when I know that I can't and everyone else does too, it's just torture to make me prove it over and over again. Every time they asked, I said I didn't want to, but it didn't matter; I still had to demonstrate why I didn't want to... which was painfully obvious to anyone around me.

So I was in a remarkably bad mood by the time I left. Then, I came home and after about an hour of studying... or wasting time on the internet, I heard voices in the living room. Male voices. So, naturally, I wanted to see who was visiting, and I was hungry so I brought out some soup to heat up. It was these boys who are friends of Katelyn. One works with her, and the other two are his friends. They invited us to come hang out with them, and we decided to drive separately so that they didn't have to drive us home. When we were about to leave, we ran into these other random boys who were from the other side of Raintree. They were looking for ice cubes so they could make a slushy, so we gave them ours, and they said they would bring some back to us the next night. Then we went to the other boys house, and they decided we were gonna watch a movie called Drumline. Which was kind of disappointing because we thought we were going to actually go out and do something, and movies with boys aren't thaaat fun if you can't cuddle with them anyway right? But we were pleasantly surprised. The movie was pretty good, and whenever anything upbeat came on, we had a dance party on my couch, so it was really fun.

On Tuesday, those slushy boys did make good on their word, and brought us some slushy. I was the only one home, so I accepted it happily. Here's the thing: They gave us a slushy in their container. So I think what we're going to do is return it and something else in our container and see how long we can keep it going... should be fun :)

On Wednesday, a girl in my ward, Kaleigh, who lives upstairs with Tashi (the 2nd counselor in RS), was having an open- invite birthday party, so I rode with them to the tumbling gym in Provo. It was amazing to me how everyone suddenly became gymnasts. The boys, expecially were so daring in their ridiculous stunts. It was way fun to watch. I met a lot of fun people, too, and it was way fun to hang out with Tashi and her apartment. They are the sweetest group of girls.

Then we went to an after party at a house that I learned was the same house I went to for Dew Fest or whatever a few weeks back. There was this bar tender guy their making virgin drinks that were really good, and at one point I asked this girl Caitlin (Tashi's roomie) if I would taste her drink. Right after I did, she said "Oh I have mono! I hope you don't mind..." "What?!" I choked, trying to remain calm. "Yeah, I hope you don't mind!" she said. "Are you serious???" I asked, incredulous. She finally admitted she was kidding, but she really got me for a minute haha. I also met this guy who Nate is setting up with Crystal, Heather's roommate. His name is Ford. It was fun because then I got to tell Crystal about him when I got home. I'm kind of excited about it because it almost makes me feel like a matchmaker. Even though I'm not setting them up... but I talked to both of them about the other... anyway it was a fun night. This other random guy there got my number too. It was funny how he asked. He'd talked to me earlier that night, and I noticed my wallet was missing. I didn't find it before I left, so he came up and said, "Hey, I hope you find your wallet." I smiled and said me too, and turned back to the girls I was with, mostly because I knew what was coming next. He tapped me again and said, "Could I get your number so I can know if you get it back?" So I laughed and said sure. I'm pretty much completely uninterested, but I did think that was kind of adorable. I love how awkward boys sometimes get when asking for numbers. So funny.

So now it's Thursday, and tomorrow Scotty and I are studying all day for the Isys test. Lovely. Then I'm going out with my lovely RS ladies, to this pirate restaurant thing and the Nickelcade. I'm excited :) I seriously love these girls. Then on Saturday I'm going to the Masquerade Ball! I'm super excited, at first I thought I was only going to know Crystal, Heather, and Christine, but last night I learned Tashi and her roomies are going too. I think a bunch of us are getting ready together :)

Also, on Sunday, all the members of the RS Presidency are bearing their testimonies in Sacrament Meeting for 5 minutes. That seems so long to me. Especially because i already spoke in church and it was ten minutes. When people bear their testimonies for 5 minutes I'm usually like omg get offfffff the stand.... usually they're not ever testimonies, they're like I know my roomies are true and I'm so thankful for ________, and I'm gonna tell you how great my family is, and this is my travel log, and this is my hospital log and I wanna just be like.... SHUT UPPPP. So hopefully thats not how everyone feels by the time it gets to me.

Anyway, now I suppose I should study. Bye :)

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