Saturday, November 21, 2009

Birthdays and Business and Other Fun Stuff

Sooo this week, I began my duties for being in charge of birthdays in relief society. On Saturday night, I still hadn't gotten anything for it, and I started talking to Troy on Facebook. Troy is one of the pest control boys who we had over for dinner every Sunday this summer. He wasn't doing anything, so I told him he should take me to Walmart. He said he would if I bought him a Big Mac, which I agreed to. So, we happily trooped to Walmart, where I bought nail polish, lip gloss, and candy, as well as the deodorant he said smelled the best. Then, I bought him a Big Mac with his buy one get one free coupon, so I got one too! He took me back to his apt where he, his buddy Brad, and I watched 2Fast2Furious or whatever it's called. I didn't really follow a lot of it. But it was fine. Then I got home at like 3:30, and got up for Ward Council at 8, so that was lovely.

On Monday, we had a whole ward FHE where we learned our ward emergency plan, and practiced walking to the field. We also learned CPR and the Heimlich and stuff about bleeding.

Tuesday it was Tamara's birthday. Katelyn was such a doll and got her friend Joe? to use his brother in law's limo to take us to get ice cream at Coldstone. It was pretty sweet.

Wednesday I finally got an email letting me know I was accepted into the Business program!! I am so excited to have finally made a decision :)

Thursday I got to hold a FALCON! My Business Writing teacher is really into falcons, and he brought one in for us to see! I was so exicted, I was the only one who held it. I think everyone else was scared? I dunno...

That night I went on one of those sign up dates. Jared Bulloc was my date, and we just got ice cream at the Creamery on 9th. There were a bunch of Utah people there who decided to sing their fight song which was annoying, but the date was good. He was a total gentleman and whenever I would be about to leave the car he would stop me and be like would you mind if I went around and got it for you? And I didn't mind at all. I love boys who open doors for me, it's my favorite thing ever. Anyway it was a fun date :)

Then on Friday I went to lunch with Jeff, one of the DC interns. We went to this Italian place called Gloria's, which was really good. It was a fun date too!

Friday night I went hot tubbing with some of Katelyn's friends, and then we played this game called "Body! Body! Body!" It's like a more active version of Mafia. We played in this sweet abandoned Biomedical building/ club/ apartment (It used to be all three), that one girl had the keys to. We weren't allowed to touch any of the doors or alarms would sound. It wasn't very well lighted, except a little in the bathrooms, and there were boards and random things strewn all over the floors. It was incredibly dusty. And it was the perfect place for this game. What you do is draw, and you're either a killer or citizen. Then you walk around and any of the killers can kill you by slitting your throat with their hands (not really of course). Then they can move you or whatever, and go kill other people. Play continues until someone who finds a body (it could be a killer) calls "Body! Body! Body!" Then everyone comes and votes on who the killer is. If they vote right, the killer is out, if they vote wrong, the person just keeps playing and is immune from accusation. No killers can be killed, so that's how they usually find each other-- by trying to kill each other. It was soo fun! I was a citizen and a murderer (we played 2 rounds), and both roles are quite exciting. It's such a creepy place that it's scary even if you're a killer.

Today I went to the football game and we won! It was against the Air Force so I wasn't surprised. It was freezing though, so we left early. Today is Katelyn's birthday, but I had already promised my roomies from Freshman year we would do something, so Kali and I are just gonna go to dinner and then probably bring them back to our apartment for games with Katelyn.

Also, Kelsey got married today! I hope she had a wonderful wedding and has an even better marriage :)

Well, I think that's it! I'm about to go out to dinner with my freshman year roomies so I should go!


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