Monday, August 16, 2010

Another Funny Dream I Had...

So, this weekend was AMAZING!! But, I cannot post about it yet because the pictures have not been put up, so, I decided to post about a dream I was reminded of this weekend. I probably had it about a month or two ago, and I thought it was funny so I called Dahl and told him about it at work, but promptly forgot about it.

This weekend, we went to Jack Johnson with David and Amy (more on that wonderfulness later), and after that we went to Iceberg. Somewhere in our conversation, Amy mentioned having a dream where David had to go on a mission. In her dream, she was all upset and kept visiting him at the MTC, trying to convince him to come back with her. And it all came flooding back:

I dreamed Dahl had never gone on a mission (in reality he went to Long Beach, California and got back in August... as a side note, it's almost his one year mark! Good job babe!). In my dream, he got called on a mission. I was really sad about it, of course, because he would have to leave.

I got super worried about him falling in love with a sister missionary on his mission. Like, I legitimately resented this sister missionary who would make him fall in love with her. I could see her in my mind’s eye and had very angry thoughts towards her. Haha.

But, I remembered that it was not my place to stand in his way, and that lots of girls do this. I told myself it's okay to have to send a missionary off, and it's my duty to be encouraging. So I was trying very hard to be a good girl and support him leaving me for 2 whole years (seriously, girls, I don't know how you do it).

Then someone said, "Don't worry, it's on a service mission so he'll only be gone 6 months." And I got REALLY worried because when people go on service missions it is often because they have some sort of disability and are unable to go on a full-time 2-year mission. So I was like... HAVE I BEEN DATING A RETARDED PERSON THIS WHOLE TIME?!?!

And I was really confused and worried about it and I felt SUPER awkward. I kept going through the things he did and trying to see if there was something off about them. And, through all of my confusion, I was still worried about that skanky sister missionary making a move. It was a very discombobulating dream!

Anyway, that was my dream. I think it's funnier if you hear me tell it, which some of you probably have. But, hope you enjoyed it anyway. :)

(This is Dahl on his real mission with his friend, Greg. So cute, huh?)

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