Wednesday, August 4, 2010

5 months! (The morning)

This morning at about 5 am I got a text from Dahl telling me to come outside. This seemed weird to me, but what was even weirder was that I woke up for it. (I am a top-notch sleeper. I could get awards for my abilities, pretty sure. About a week ago I fell asleep on a couch in an apartment full of boys playing video games and screaming at the screen. I woke up to said boys screaming my name in my face- they had been doing it for a little while, I think.) Anyway, I groggily trudged outside and saw something beautiful! It looked like this:
(Not really my picture but it is still lightning behind the mountains illuminating their silhouettes... soo pretty!)

It was a freaking amazing lightning storm! I watched it with Dahl for a little while, and I'm super glad we got to see it, I absolutely LOVE lightning storms. I think they are so amazing and gorgeous. Dahl said it was a good way to start out our 5 month anniversary... with a little electricity. I agree :).

This morning, the real start of it, I went over to Dahl's apartment where he made me breakfast! Look!

(Isn't he a stud? Making French Toast!)

(Us looking very much like we just woke up... this is what I look like without make up!)

(The finished product. So yummy!)

I'm sure I will add to this post later... this is just the beginning! Or maybe I'll just do a new post...

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