Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jack Johnson and the Alpine Slide!

This weekend was amazing, as usual :). Sometimes I look at my blog posts and I like... my life is a party! Because, I mean, it is!

SO on Friday we went to JACK JOHNSON!! I got Dahl these tickets for his birthday! You can read about that here. (Pretty cool that I figured out how to make that link huh?!)

Funny story about me getting those tickets-- Dahl's birthday was the day after mine, so it was kinda fun because we were both hard at work thinking of presents for each other. He was debating between getting me the very same Jack Johnson tickets or an iPod Nano. I had already gotten the tickets, and Heather knew this. So, when he asked her which she suggested, she said that I had already seen Jack in concert and had said it was reallly lame! Dahl instantly was suspicious, because we had specifically talked about that concert and how much I loved it. BUT, the really important thing is, he got me the iPod instead, so we didn't have extra tickets :).

Anyway, when I got these tickets, we had only been dating 2 1/2 months, but I was pretty sure we would still be together :) And I was right! (Just in case, though, the will call was under my name, haha!)

As you know, two weekends ago we went to the Tim McGraw Concert!! You can read about that here. What I didn't mention was that it took us 2 1/2 hours to get there and then something like another half hour to get through the will call line. So we missed most of Lady Antebellum which was SAD.

This time, we were worried because we had to leave a lot later. This is because we were going to Dahl's friends' wedding reception (they both served on his mission with him). It was at 6. The doors opened for the concert at 5:30. The concert started at 7. The route was 1 hour without construction or concert traffic. We expected it to take 2 hours.

So we went to the reception, intending to quickly say congrats and leave, but the bride wasn't there for at least the first half hour, so we left at 6:30 (we never did see her at the reception). We sped up a different route, and made ridiculously good time until we got super close to the concert... it took about 1 1/2 hours total. AND I switched the tickets from will call to mail so we got in very quickly! We even got to hear some of the opening act G-Love... of course he sang his most popular song, "Booty Call" (I've worked concerts he's opened for). It was funny.

This time, also, we went with our awesome friend-couple, David and Amy. It was fun to have them there, and is the reason for the many pictures you see!

The concert was AMAZING!! I have seen Jack Johnson once before, and that time I was working Virgin Festival and didn't know who he was. I instantly loved him, and have ever since. As I said in my Tim McGraw post, Dahl is the funnest concert buddy. He loves to dance with me and twirl me and sing to me and I love going with him :)

So, also for my birthday, Dahl learned a Jack Johnson song, "Angel" (words and guitar), and he sang it for me. I LOVE that song! I always did, but now I love it more. So, while we don't really have a "song", this is pretty close to ours. So, we were really hoping that Jack would play it. Actually, we had a list of 3 we wanted: Angel, Better Together (another song he sings to me sometimes), and Banana Pancakes.

We knew he would play Banana Pancakes, it is one of his most popular songs. He did somewhere in the middle, and then he kept playing all these new songs of his that we didn't really know. So, when he left the stage, we were a little disappointed. The crowd cheered him back on, though!! And then he played 4 or 5 more songs!! And the last two were Angel and Better Together. How ridiculously perfect is that?! We were so happy :)

On Saturday we went to the Alpine Slide! I've been to the Coaster before, but never the slide. It was really fun, especially because we got to drive a long way to get there. Driving with Dahl is my favorite!

Fun story: A couple that was behind us in line had just gotten engaged that day! They were adorable. Right before we started to go down the slide, the girl said, "If I win, I get to pick the honeymoon, and we're going to Tahiti!" She won. Go girl!

We also ate some pretty good food Saturday: Pizza Pie Cafe for lunch (they had a special: $5 for their whole buffet!), a Tigers Blood Snow Cone (which I got all over the seat when I was trying to break apart the ice... poor Dahl!), and Hogi Yogi sandwiches for dinner (club for me, Philly cheese steak for him). It was soo good! What a yummy day! I had never been to either of those places (Pizza Pie Cafe or Hogi Yogi) and I was SO impressed!

Anyway, really fun weekend! I am spoiled :).

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  1. You guys are seriously THE cutest couple!!! :D


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