Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Summer So Far!

· So I haven't really talked about my summer yet, so I'm going to start now :). Yay! And I will add pictures to keep you all wildly entertained :). Ready?? Go!

· Okay so first of all, I went home for a week and a half. It was really fun and relaxing. We didn't do a lot of adventurous things, and the weather was awful, but it was fun just to be with them :) I went to lunch with my parents and to Sarah's baptism; visited all the kids at school, Nicole at her internship, and Grandma at her home; attended church and saw tons of cute ladies I have missed; hosted a bridal shower for Jenn Tippetts; and just overall had fun with the kids and my parents. I love my family!

· Dahl and I celebrated our birthdays together! Mine was the 20th and his was the 21st. Thank GOODNESS my mom hurried up and had me on the 20th, because I would not like to share! But having the days next to each other was soo fun! He gave me: (1) A pink iPod Nano 8G that said on the back "Kelly, you rock my world. iLove you" He even put some songs on it! (2) a calendar that had pictures of my family and him on their respective birthdays and marked important days (1st date, 1st kiss, start of relationship). I now write what we do inside the calendar days. It's super cute, kind of like a journal! (3) He learned "Angel" by Jack Johnson on the guitar and sang it to me :) I gave him: (1) Jack Johnson tickets!(2) A book I made on Picaboo (so kind of like a scrapbook but made online and then bound and printed) that had our story with pictures and then at the end, 100 things I love about him. (3) A flight simulator that he can use to do hours on his computer :) We were the best present givers ever!

· We hiked to Stewart Falls together for Memorial Day! We had a BBQ with his family. So fun :)

We went to IHOP with a bunch of new people in the ward and made new friends and hung out with old friends.

· We got in a cool whip fight after making french toast for breakfast :)

· I did Bikini Body with the Relief Society!

· We went to the Hogle Zoo with David and Amy!

We also did a lot of other fun things without taking pictures! Shame on us for not documenting!

· We’ve gone to Greg’s house (Dahl’s old companion) to hang out with him and his fianc√©, Mel, who also served in Dahl’s mission. We saw him (Greg) wrestle calves to the ground and brand them and put an elastic thing around their balls if they were bulls so they would shrivel and fall off. We also 4 wheeled and barbequed. Fun :)

· We doubled with Kali and Shelby and barbequed again, this time at Rock Canyon Park. It was so fun! We played Frisbee and baseball, too.

· We tripled with Heather and Jeremy and Heather’s old roomie Chelsea and Thomas. We went to Trafalga and mini golfed for free because Chelsea works there. We also went to Gandolfo’s. Sooo good!

· We saw Iron Man 2 by ourselves which was sweet and Karate Kid with David and Amy, which was awesome too!

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