Friday, June 11, 2010

My Job!

This entry was supposed to be about my summer so far, but it took so long to talk about my job, I made it just about that. So here goes:

I work in the BYU Visual Arts Dept as a Student Accountant. In fact, that's where I am right this very second. It's a pretty sweet set up I think. The work is not too hard, except when the members of the faculty don’t do their jobs and turn in their receipts. Then I have to hound them, which is annoying, especially when they ignore me or make lame excuses, the most prevalent one being that they are out of town till the end of time.
My co-workers are chill and make me laugh.

Steve is my trainer guy. He and I are very different; we have different personalities, different tastes in music, and different views on pretty much everything. I am a girl and he is a boy. I have long blonde hair and he has short brown hair. He speaks Russian, I speak Spanish. He is tall and I am short. He likes zombies and I don’t. When we have free time at work (which is often), I am usually on Facebook, and he is usually playing a baseball game (on his computer). I like country and poppy songs and he likes "man rock" (his words). He falls down entire flights of stairs and I fall off of chairs. I love to sing and he hates it when I sing because he either doesn't know the song or doesn't like the song. BUT we are still good friends, I think. We get along well and he always makes me laugh, even when he's not trying to, like when he falls down entire flights of stairs because he was looking at a camera. Here are some things we have in common: We are both cool. That's about it. Back to just Steve, he also teaches me everything I need to know, and reminds me of these things about 10 times a day. He thinks he's the boss of me, but Sharon says he's not, so he's not. He's just in charge of me, as Garrett put it. Which is totally different. Also, he thinks Dahl's muscles are so big, they could rip a car in half. For some reason, I laughed super hard when he said that. I told Dahl, and he said only if I was under the car. :)

Dallas is the other guy who got the job at the same time as I did. He is married, and he has one
baby son. He should bring him in, because I would loooove it! He does more of the accounting than I do I think. I do more of the clerical work. He dresses up every day for work, and I do not, since there is no dress code. He is super professional. He’s really nice, and helps me scan things when I need his help. He’s only been in a bad mood once, and that was the day I got a concussion. So I don’t think he should do it again. He plays the zombie game on his computer a lot. He also goes to visit Layne with me sometimes. More on Layne in a second.

Garrett doesn't work in the same room as the rest of us. He is married too, and has a baby. His
wife is super cute. He shows me pictures of his family sometimes. He also showed us the YouTube videos that are our theme videos or
something. They were funny. I still say "It's not a persona. I dress like this all the time. It’s not a persona this is who I really am I dress like Kermit the Frog!" (Lady Gaga), usually to Dahl. He thinks it's weird. And it is. Garrett likes to eat my cereal, and he’s super nice to me too. He was one of the guys in my interview, and I think he sent me my offer letter. He’s kind of like Dallas's trainer. He just got back from Cancun. How unfair is that?? I share my lotion with him sometimes, too. When I first got here, I thought he was the most normal. I think I have good first impressions. Haha. But they are all awesome!

Then there are 2 secretaries,
Rinda and Becca. They sit in the front and they are both nice to me. I talk to Becca a little more, but I like them both.

Sharon and Sonya and Linda are the older people who work here. But they are still young! Sharon is so funny and nice. She grades our sneezes, and gives us candy. She hates it when people lick envelopes. Sonya is in charge of the models, and she gave us cherries last week. Linda seems to not be here as much as the other two, but she’s nice, too. She gave us Indian food yesterday.

*Note: I have seen a trend where I say the food people give me and say they are nice. Although these events do demonstrate their niceness, I would think they were nice even if they didn't feed me anything!*

Layne doesn't work here, but he does work closely with us. When I go to talk to Layne, I need to set out about an hour, because he loooves to talk! I think I would make people stay to talk to me, too, if I worked in his office, because he is all alone, and even if I don't talk to Dallas and Steve all the time, I do enjoy their company, and I would be terribly lonely without them. As a result, he has told me all about his family and all of their issues, and I've learned about both of his marriages, and every kid individually. I don't mind, though. I think he has a lot of interesting things to say, even if I do wish he would speed up his speech. It's kinda funny, because I feel like I reverse roles when I go visit him; usually I am the loud one, and I talk a lot, but when I go see him, all I do is shut up and listen. I think it’s probably good for me.

Some random facts about me in this office:

  • I HATE answering the phone. It's annoying. I just think everyone should email me. So I avoid it as much as possible. Garrett said I could.
  • I tell Steve and Dallas everything about what I’m doing. I don't know nearly as much about their lives as they know about mine, I'm pretty sure. I think they’re okay with that.
  • I do a lot of side projects here. I applied for a Passport (well the online app), made a collage of me and Dahl, wrote a poem for Dahl, wrote missionary letters, wrote Sarah a card, and I Facebook and G-chat very often.
  • We don't have a manager because the last one got in trouble. I'm scared to get a manager, because what if they don't like my side projects? Or what if they're lame? I think we're fine without one. I don't even know what they would do. But everyone else knows best, and I'm sure our new manager will be great!

Alright. That's it I think! I kind of love my little job :)!

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