Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Reasons Why I'm Stressed:

This morning I was feeling a lot of stress, so I decided to blog about it. If you don't wanna hear my whine, stop reading.

1. For Dahl's birthday, I got us tickets to see Jack Johnson, but now his mission BFFs (yes, both from his mission) are getting married and have a reception that night. It's 6-9, and the concert starts at 7. The doors open at 5:30, and it is supposed to take 2 hours to get there because of concert traffic, normal Friday night traffic, AND construction. Sooo now the plan is to drop by the reception at 6, leave at 6:05, and book it down there, but even then we won't get there until about 8. STRESSFUL! Fun fact, did you know that people sitting in traffic have more of blood pressure rise aka feel more stressed than soldiers about to go into combat? Yeah. Ridiculous. Luckily, our friends David and Amy are going too, so they will try to save us seats, but it depends on how early they get there, too. Still stressed though. I mean, if we're lucky, we'll only miss an hour :( ALSO, we are going to the Tim McGraw concert July 30, so that will be our little test run :)

2. My mommy is coming into town! That's actually not stressful, just exciting, but it does mean I have to take off work, which leads to something I actually am a little stressed about:

3. Getting a new manager. I've never worked under a manager here, because the last one resigned/ got fired for stealing money from the university. So now we're about to have a new one. What if she's mean or strict or no fun??? I'm trying to be optimistic. But it's hard to re-adjust from having complete freedom to not so complete freedom. We'll see how this goes.

4. I am still trying to sign up for my college courses for next semester. I REALLY wanna take Children's Literature to fill one of my requirements because it is only 2 credits and super fun and easy according to Heather, which is something compared to the other options. If I can take that, I will have one credit left to fill, so I can take an aerobic and a dance class! Which will be super fun :) BUT majors have first dibs, so I probably won't get it :-/. I kinda wanna make Heather get a friend to sign up for it and drop it last minute so I can have it!

5. I have to get a passport so I can go to Mexico. ASAP. If I wanna go. I also have to request off for then, too. I also have to figure out if I can go to Kali's wedding (I want to soo bad, I'm supposed to be a bridesmaid!), and I have to wait for Larissa to tell me the plan before I can buy a plane ticket. Also, I'm helping to plan her bridal shower!! Which is more exciting than stressful, but we do need to get a move on about that. I hope Katelyn has gotten off of work...

6. The stupid light in Dahl’s apartment. In his kitchen, it is ridiculous. It is constantly flickering and it drives me crazy. I just called maintenance, hopefully it goes through, because I hate it.

7. And the carpet. It has black sticky spots on the floor. I hate them, too.

8. I have to go visiting teaching. Today is the last day of the month. I've tried to schedule before, and it has fallen through every single time. So this is my/our (my companion who I have never met and am probably driving crazy in my attempts to schedule us all through text) last shot!

9. Teachers not turning in their receipts. If you look at my entry about my job, you will understand better. Today I had to call and email tons of faculty. I don't really mind, except I've emailed them multiple times, and it seems like they just ignore me. Today Layne went on a rampage and tons of people last minute turned them in. This= lots of last minute things for me to enter.

10. Amy, David, Dahl, and I were supposed to go with Amy's family to St George? Now her dad sold the house though, so this isn't exactly stressful to me, just kind of sad. Because I was SOOO excited!! They still wanna go and maybe just camp out, but Dahl says that will be horrible because it's too hot to sleep outside when it's 100 degrees.

11. I should be applying for scholarships. And I'm not. I only got a half tuition scholarship for next semester (I know wahhh! But I've always had full, so it's a new concept to me to be paying for school at all. I know I am spoiled. Buuttt I have better grades than you do, so I deserve it. Kinda. No JK, but I do work hard for scholarships.) so I should be trying to get someone else to pay for the other half. We'll see where that goes.

12. We're out of dishwasher soap and toilet paper in my apartment.

13. Lori's leaving me and going on a mission! But I'm super excited for her, I'm just sad because I'll miss her. And what will happen to our presidency??

14. Heather needs a job. And so I'm helping her apply and stuff. Which is fine, don't get me wrong. I LOVE helping my sister, she is my best friend :) And I would do it without anyone telling me to. The stressful part is that Dad is super duper into the whole process, and keeps saying things to me like "I know you are such a good sister, so you're gonna help Heather get a job!" "You're so good at this Kelly, you're gonna make everything better." Whaaat?!?! I mean I'll try, but talk about pressure. It's seems like it's this weird kind of way my dad is trying to encourage me, so that I will feel obligated to help because I am already being praised for helping. Instead of reverse psychology, it's like pre-work psychology. But it's okay, I love my Daddy :)

15. I have terrible cramps. Bleh.

16. I feel like I just keep getting fatter.

So that's it. Don't worry, I'm still a super happy little girl and I know I'm very blessed :)

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  1. Just to ease your stress a little, I doubt you will miss ANY of the Jack Johnson concert because concerts always start late and the people who open will play for quite a while :) We were really late to the Michael Buble Concert, but when we got there the opening act was just about to come on!!