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My Wedding :)

Okay, I am starting this entry on December 6, but I doubt I will finish. I am just in a class where everyone is doing presentations so I figured I would try to use this time wisely. I am going to go through my whole schedule the week of the wedding, so if you just wanna skip to the day of, go right ahead. I have scattered photos throughout of the Bridals/ Groomals and the Wedding Day shots, but I didn't include the reception pictures from either because they aren't on my computer yet. I may add them later... we'll see :)

Wednesday, November 17:

Dahl, Heather, and I frantically finished packing and said goodbye to my cute roomies and friends that were around. Sweet Amy and her mom drove us all to the airport. We flew pretty much all day, because we started out going to Vegas and had a layover. We arrived in MD midnight their time, hung out with my family, and collapsed into bed.

Thursday, November 18:

The next morning, we woke up early and I ran to Sister Davis's house to get my make up and hair done for bridals/ groomals. Heather did my hair and did a fantastic job, and Sister Davis did a great job on my make up, too. Dahl and my dad ran around getting Dahl's tux, and we ended up getting to the temple pretty late for our photo session, but in time to have about 1 1/2 hours of photos. Kellie Nuss did a great job on our pictures. (Those are links to her website and blog entry about us!)

Tangent on her: We already knew her because she is our Bishop's wife, and we were all very impressed. I am really glad we chose her. She was flexible, had great ideas, and did a great job with combining directing and listening so we could get great photos. She had already done weddings at the temple, so she knew lots of great places. She was also great at editing and getting the pictures back to us soon.

Anyway, it was kinda funny because my Daddy saw me come out of the temple (he drove with Dahl), and at first he was like "Okay, I'm gonna go home now!" but then we started taking pictures and he got so excited he followed us around the entire photo shoot, snapping pictures on his phone all the way. It was so cute. Heather also came and was super helpful with carrying my dress, arranging my hair, and giving suggestions. She is, after all, the best MOH ever!

After we finished pictures, Dahl went to play in DC with his family, and I went with Heather to an awards assembly at Jacob's middle school! It was literally the funnest awards assembly ever. I think a lot of that was because we didn't care what anyone there thought, and hardly anyone knew us, so we cheered loudly, sang along to the awesome choir and jazz band ("Santa's Going on a Diet" by the choir and "Don't Stop Believin'" by the Jazz Band were some of our very favorites), and giggled about basically everything. We were more enthusiastic than anyone else in the whole crowd. We also had more fun than anyone else. For the students that got straight A's, Mr. Fairbanks read aloud some things about them, and the band would play a celebratory tune to welcome them to the front. We yelled compliments to them about their clothes, hobbies, and grades. Jacob came to sit with us in the middle, and we fed him fries and a sandwich. This was probably the best stress reliever I could have gotten.

That night, Heather and I went out with our mom to get my wedding jewelry and other last-minute things. That night, we continued to prepare other last-minute things.

Friday, November 19:

The next morning, I got my endowments out at the temple. For those of you who are curious about what that is, you can click here or here. I was really glad I could have my parents, Dahl's parents, my Grandma Connor, my Aunt Carol and Uncle Brett, and, most of all, Dahl, come with me.

We went back to the house, changed, and went to our rehearsal dinner. Since there really wasn't anything to "rehearse", it was mostly just a nice get together with all the family that was in town for the wedding. Brenley had the idea to have it really personal, with musical numbers, and we also had speeches and showed our wedding video that Dahl's cute cousin, Stephanie, made for us. (She did a wonderful job, by the way, we love it! Thanks Steph!)

This dinner was basically a sob-fest. I think almost everyone who went there cried. Maybe not Uncle Brett, and maybe not some others, but an overwhelming majority cried at one point or another... or ten. Haha. When the eating was winding down, Eric stood up and announced the beginning of the program. Cute Sarah sang "I Love to See the Temple" with Heather accompanying, and sweet Nicole played "Abide with Me Tis Eventide" on the flute. Then we had both dads and Heather give speeches, and they were wonderful. Heather's is posted on her blog. It was really nice :)

Tangent (The Dad Speeches):
My dad said:
"Before Kelly was born I had a lot of people tell me that when I held her in my arms the first time, this feeling of fatherhood would just envelop me. Yet, when Kelly was born I didn't initially feel like that. I just held her and said to Melody that "I guess we are going to have to get to know her." But then, when I put her in the car with Melody to take them home to our apartment for the first time, it all hit me. I was taking my little girl home! She was our daughter! We now had a family. And every part of my being wanted to protect her and help her. I was a father now. My life had changed forever. And when I drove that car home I drove it like I had a goldfish bowl on the hood. I wanted to make sure that she and Melody and I all got home safely.

As she grew up I learned a lot about her. I soon realized that she was far more advanced than I was spiritually and intellectually. I was her dad but, it was a privilege that Heavenly Father had given me. She was His daughter too and I knew that he loved her and had given me a great responsibility and had put a lot of trust in me to care for her and to raise her.

Kelly was so smart and diligent. As a baby in her crib she would constantly work her hands and her feet and it seemed that she was very determined and desirous to learn all she could about this body she had and how to work it. Every day it seemed that there was something new she would do and this diligence carried on beyond the crib into every aspect of her life - especially school.

When Heather was born Kelly had a new best friend. She would feed Heather her bottle and drag her around like a little rag doll. She loved Heather and over the years they became inseparable. I loved to see them grow up together and to see their friendship and mutual admiration grow.
Kelly was always a peacemaker. She never wanted to fight and avoided it with great care. She loved every good thing and would hold onto all the good around her. And Kelly was super loyal. Once you were her friend, Kelly was always in your camp, always on your side and cheering you on.

When she was little and would go to friends houses she would go to their book case to see what books they had. The first thing Kelly bought with her own money was a book. She loved to read and study.
When she turned 8 years old she was baptised. About a week later, our family, which now consisted of our 4 oldest daughters and Melody and me, went on a ward campout to Patapsco State Park. It was a lot of fun. On the Saturday that we were about to leave Melody decided to take the girls and some friends kids down to the Patapsco river to see the water. Julie had to go to the bathroom which was about 1 mile away so, I took Julie there and Melody headed to the river with the others.

Some horses had been walking on the trail to the river and some of them had left some horse poop on the ground. Heather (6) later wrote: "No one stepped in the horse poop except Kelly - she did." That may have contributed to what happened next. When they got to the river Melody told them not to get too close to the edge of the river. But, Kelly stepped on a rock and slipped and fell into the river before Melody could catch her. Kelly was quickly carried away on her back by the swiftly flowing river and she looked back at Melody for help. But, Melody was helpless.
A little distance down the river from where Kelly had slipped were two priesthood men in our ward - Robbie Windley (14) and his dad Dennis Windley who was a High Priest. Robbie had been swimming in the river in a little area where the water was calm and he was now sitting on a rock next to his dad, shivering and asking if they could return to their tent so he could get warm. Dennis told Robbie, "no - just sit here for a few minutes." And then while Robbie sat there downstream from Melody and the children, he and Dennis heard Melody's call for help. Dennis said "Get her Robbie, get her" and without a moment's hesitation Robbie was in the river swimming after Kelly who, miraculously was buoyed up on her back as the current swiftly carried her downstream facing backwards with her head above water still. Robbie swam hard and soon caught up to her. Dennis ran alongside the river calling to Robbie to bring her to the side so he could pull her out. Robbie fought with the current and now the river was a bit shallower and he could put his feet down on the bottom to try and work his way to the side but the sharp rocks on the bottom cut his feet and legs. Still, Robbie fought on and Dennis kept shouting encouragement to him. Finally they got close enough to the edge and Dennis grabbed both of them and pulled them out of the water.

I arrived a few minutes later to find Robbie and Kelly and Dennis all on a big rock overlooking the river with Melody and the other children there. Melody told me that I had missed all of the excitement and then related the story. At that moment I was overwhelmed and I turned to Robbie and made the greatest gesture of appreciation I could muster. I said "Robbie, someday you will serve a mission for the church and when you return, you will need to find a wife. I hereby offer you my daughter's hand in marriage." Kelly (8) and Robbie (14) both looked at me kind of funny and Dennis, Melody and I had a nice laugh.
My point in telling you this story is this - God protected Kelly as a little girl and soon, you will have that privilege as you take her hand in marriage. I hope and pray that you will protect her. She is one of God's choicest daughters.
Now as Kelly continued to grew up I learned a lot of interesting things about her. She was not going to just marry any old guy. He would have to work to get her attention and to convince her to marry him. I remember on one occasion that we were at the swimming pool and Kelly was sitting on a lawn chair by the side of the pool. She was about 14 years old at the time. Three young boys about her age came by and saw her there and they were clearly interested and wanted her attention. Finally they all three jumped into the pool in front of her and splashed her with a little water. She looked up and seemed a little bored with these juvenile antics and then put her head back down on the fully reclined lawn chair. After seeing that I told Melody that Kelly was going to drive some poor guy nuts one day and he was going to have to work extra hard to get her attention and interest.
One day Kelly called me from college and told me that she had a boy friend. I asked her then if she was sure she wanted to have a boyfriend because it meant that she would have to stop dating all of these other guys and she became very firm with me and said - "Dad, you stop it - you're not going to talk me out of this!" At that moment I thought "wow, this could be something serious."
Then she told me how Dahl had asked her to be his girlfriend and I knew Dahl was a serious contender. Here was a young man that knew what he wanted and wasn't afraid to put his whole ego on the line and tell her. He had carefully thought the whole thing out and how he would present it to her and that really impressed me. And he was also a bit of salesman and he was patient with her. I thought, this guy could be a match for Kelly. He is intelligent and knows how to approach her. He's gentle.

As I got to know Dahl a little more in our phone conversations, my appreciation for him only grew stronger. Kelly would tell me things that he would do for her and Heather and I liked that. He was kind. She also told me that he would go have lunch with his beautiful high school sister once every couple of weeks so that the boys at the school would know that she has a big brother. So, Dahl was also protective and I liked that too. One of the first things he wanted to do was to take Kelly to his home to have dinner with his family. And again, I saw the salesman in him - Dahl knew that if he could get Kelly around his family she would see how great they were and she would like him even more. He was very smart.
Finally, when Kelly was struggling over whether to marry Dahl he again showed her his patience and love. He gave her all the time she needed. And so I knew it was just a matter of time before Kelly was ready. Dahl was wise beyond his years and all of that patience and love paid off.

One last thing I will tell you about Kelly is that she has always been very honest. This is so important in a marriage. You will always be able to trust Kelly and she will love you forever. When I was a young man I told my best friend all of the character traits that I wanted in a wife. It was a long list of things. My friend, who was also 18 or 19 at the time listened intently and then after I was done he said "Don't you see man, you need someone you can trust!" My long list didn't include that but what he said rang true to me and so I scrapped my list and put that as my new first and most important trait in a wife. Trust is the foundation on which all relationships are based and especially marriage. Dahl, congratulations, you have got a woman that you can trust.
I am really grateful that you two have found each other. I know that the Lord has had his hand in this. He has prepared and helped both of you to find one another. There are simply too many things for this to have been a coincidence. Someone asked me how I felt about my daughter getting married and I answered - "I feel great since she is marrying Dahl. It is every dad's dream to have his daughter marry a truly good man who will protect her and love her and treat her nicely and I believe Dahl is just that man for my daughter Kelly. I love how happy she is with Dahl and if I had to make a choice of all the men in the world to marry my daughter Kelly, it would be Dahl."
Marriage is a romantic thing and everything in marriage can be romantic as long as you are doing it together, whether it is washing the dishes or having dinner - it can all be romantic.
May God continue to bless you two that your love will for each other grow each year. I think God is smiling on you both today.

Dahl's Dad:

Dahl's dad talked about how when Dahl was born, they were excited to have a boy, especially because his older brothers had only had girls so far, and so Dahl was the first grandson. It was kinda funny how he said the next part, he talked about how right after Dahl was born, he saw him before his mother did because of the angle... haha, and then he went into the point that wh
en Dahl's Mom saw him for the first time she said, "He looks just like me!" He also talked about how
the day he was born, Dahl's Grandmother came to the hospital and held him and said, "Our first missionary!"
[ Me: I'm gonna do it in quotes not because I'm tired of changing it to third person.] "W
hen Dahl was a toddler and a young boy, he was always happy and laughing, and he had tons of friends.
I remember lots of times coming home, and when I walked in the door, I could hear Dahl laughing. [Me:Dahl still has a very infectious, genuine laugh. It's super cute... it's just so loud and he simply doesn't care who can hear him laughing.]
hen he was in 6th grade we went to parent teacher conference, and his teacher said, 'Dahl is a great kid, but he needs to learn when to laugh and when not to laugh.'
Dahl is always nice and always kind. He always took good care of his younger brother, Jacob, and even shared his friends with him, so Dahl's friends were also Jacob's friends. H
e has a special quality-- that you always feel good when you are with him; he is fun to be with.

e is also good at fixing things. When Dahl was 12, we were at Father's and Son's, and his Uncle Jim Low came with a brand new tent. It was a very dark night with no moon, and I tried to help Jim set up his tent and we just couldn't do it. I said to Jim, "I'm going to go and get Dahl!" So as Jim and I stood there holding the flashlights, Dahl put the tent together all by himself! [Me: I love this about him. I am not very mechanical, but he is. Just today we were putting together our Christmas Tree, and he was so smart about it... I'm pretty sure I couldn't have done it without him!]
e was a great missionary, and when he got home he said two things that were awesome for a Dad to hear-- he had no regrets, and he always did whatever the President asked him to do. I have always said that
the Lord blesses his missionaries, and that is so true; 5 months after he got home from his mission he met Kelly!
Kelly is a huge blessing to Dahl and to us, and they really complement each other. I know her family and friends will understand that everything is better and more fun when Kelly is around!"

Then the floor was opened up for anyone to talk, and Nicole began to talk, in a very cute-sie tone. "I was kind of wary of Dahl at first, because I am Kelly's sister, and I'm protective, but then I started to hear about the nice things he would do for her, and talking to him on the phone, and I started to really like him. Then,when I met him, I just knew...." at this moment, her incredible composure totally broke. It was really quite funny. She hadn't even had the smallest quaver in her voice, and suddenly she was bawling... we all thought it was pretty hilario.
Then, we watched the wedding video Stephanie made. I had to leave in the middle to practice my song that I was singing for Dahl, "From this Moment" by Shania Twain. If you haven't heard it, you should listen to it here, but the music video's kind of dumb IMO, so you should probably just keep reading my blog instead of watching it. I hadn't practiced it in months, and I had never practiced it with the particular karaoke version I was supposed to be using, so I ran off to the other side of the building to practice. I couldn't remember all of the words while I was practicing, and I vaguely felt like I was forgetting my favorite line, which, I was. Miraculously, I remembered as I was singing. Here is my favorite line:

I give my hand to you with all my heart
Can't wait to live my life with you, can't wait to start
You and I will never be apart
My dreams came true because of you

That's so nice, huh? I am really glad I remembered it just in time! One thing I didn't remember was not to cry. Dahl started crying at the very beginning, and I could not even handle it, so I teared the whole way through, and randomly skipped sections while I composed myself. By the end, I totally lost it, but I think considering the lack of practice and emotional-ness, I did a pretty good job. I am sad, because no one video-taped it. I guess I just assumed someone would, but I didn't ever give someone the assignment.

After that, we all hurried to the Bridal Shower. Sister Walburger, Sister Johnson, and Meghan Toler all helped organize it, and they did a great job. The food was amazing and the company was even more so. I was late, and when I walked in I was greeted by a multitude-- that's right, a multitude-- of amazing sisters, friends, and family I had grown up around. There were a few people who weren't able to make it, but an overwhelming majority of them did, and it was really fun for me to see everyone. This was by far the chattiest bridal shower I have had so far! There were so many ladies talking so much that we didn't do very many activities aside from giving advice and opening presents, but that was okay with me :) Aunt Carol did a fun thing at the end-- she had written down all the things I said as I opened my gifts like "Thank you!" "Oh that is so cute!!" "What a perfectly made set!", and "We will definitely be making pancakes!" , and read them aloud in the context of what I would say on my wedding night. It was pretty funny.

Then, I went home and packed and went to sleep so I would be ready for my wedding day!

Saturday, November 20:

This is the BIG DAY!!! I woke up and started my day off right: by eating bugs! Someone didn't close the cereal, and I ended up accidentally eating some ants before I realized what was going on. Gross, right?? But that was probably one of the worst things that happened all day, so it was alright. Then I ran over to Sister Davis's again, so she could do my make up.

Tangent: I want to take a moment to talk about how helpful she was. She did my make up, helped with my hair, and had her girls take pictures and video the whole time we were getting ready. She had extra hair spray and make up for after the ceremony and before I went outside the temple, and fixed me all up so I looked perfect when I left. She also brought her Canon camera to the wedding and took pictures afterwards. She said she likes candid shots better than posed ones. I love candid shots, too so I am super excited to see how they turned out. The thing is, I only asked her to help with my make up, but she did so much more!

By the end of it, we were running behind, so there were 3 or 4 people curling my hair so I would not be later than I already was. Heather, Bana, Sister Davis, and I think Desiree were all helping curl my hair at one point. It was pretty funny. I ended up still being 15 minutes late, but it worked out just fine. We hurried into the temple and almost instantly I saw friends who were there for the wedding. It was so fun to see so many people there who loved me who came to support me.

Dahl's Grandpa was our sealer, which was pretty cool. Dahl and I were taken to a different sealing room than the one we were actually going to be sealed in, and he talked to us a little bit, but since he already knew us, it wasn't for too long. He said something that I thought was kind of interesting. He said when he walked into our sealing room, he said, "There's something really special about this room in particular." Later, we learned that President Spencer W Kimball had said those exact words when he had walked into that room years earlier. Pretty cool, huh?

The sealing was nice, not very long at all, and I honestly don't remember much of what was said. People told me I wouldn't because I would be so excited that I was finally getting married I wouldn't be able to concentrate. The thing is, I thought I was concentrating, but I guess I wasn't because I don't remember much. After the sealing, we stood by the door and got to greet our guests. We got in trouble a little, because I hugged pretty much everyone there, and so did my mom, and it wasn't supposed to be a reception line, but I was really glad I got to hug them all, anyway.
I was really touched by all the people who were there. Sister Walburger, my Young Womens president for years, said something really nice. She said, "Oh, Kelly, I feel like my own daughter just got married!" I thought that was so sweet, because she and all of my young women's leaders really did have a huge impact on me and the decisions that lead up to me getting married in the temple.

After a few minor mishaps, and with the help of my wonderful mom, Aunt Carol, and Sister Davis, I got dressed and ready to exit the temple. When we walked out together we were greeted by cheers of the excited guests. I also had some friends who were waiting for me, like Heather Gallagher, Meghan Toler, and Brittany Eisinger. I was so glad they could make it!

We took tons of fun pictures (Sara Nuss was super helpful with making sure her mom had everything she needed) and then rushed home to eat before we had to be at the reception. In the meantime, someone lost the thing that was supposed to connect the iPod to the speakers, so we ran around frantically looking for them until Dahl saved the day and found them in the car. Then we rushed to the reception. I really needed to re-curl my hair (it doesn't hold well at allll) and unfortunately all of our curling irons were at Sister Davis's house. We couldn't get a hold of her, so we just went to the church and I started getting dressed. I found a black mark on my dress in the front top part of the skirt!! I was super nervous, but then Sister Saunders came to the rescue with a Tide to Go pen! It worked wonders :) Then Desiree came to the rescue with a curling iron. I actually ended up being about 20 minutes late to the reception even though I was in the building because of the fixing of my dress and hair.

Tangent: At this point, Brother Davis (our videoographer) became very helpful-- not only did he video the most important events, he checked up on us every few minutes and made sure we didn't need any food or drinks. Dahl later told me that he had told him to not leave my side the whole night, no matter what he felt needed to be done-- he said to get someone else to do it. I will be eternally grateful to him for that. True to the advice, Dahl was with me pretty much the entire night. I felt awkward whenever he wasn't around (at the beginning when no one had said that to him yet and at the end when we were both changing and I lost him).

For the first 1 1/2 hours or so, we had a line, where everyone came up and said hi. It was so fun to visit with all of the wonderful people who came to celebrate with us. When the line died down, we cut the cake. I wish I remember what it tasted like, my Daddy said it was some of the most delicious wedding cake he had ever had. That was all the cake I got, though, and I was too busy figuring out how to cut it and who should feed who first (someone shouted out at the same time, so we did). We fed each other nicely, mostly because I know my Mommy wanted it to be that way, and I didn't really want to get cake all over my dress anyway.

Then, we had our first dance. We danced to "Then" by Brad Paisley. If you don't know this song, you can listen to it here. It is "our" song, because that is the song Dahl sang to me when he proposed. I think the first dance is a nice tradition, because the whole reception is just so rushed and busy that you're hardly interacting with each other at all. It's nice to just be with each other :)

Right after that, we had the Daddy-Daughter dance. I have been looking forward to/ dreading this moment for a long time now. I thought I would just bawl my eyes out, but I actually amazed myself by keeping my composure the whole time. I only teared, but I don't think any even fell from my eyes. The reason I didn't cry was because my Daddy talked to me the whole time, just about nice things, and didn't let me listen to the song hardly at all. The song, by the way, is "I Loved Her First" by Heartland. If you haven't heard it, you definitely should click on that link right now.
Tangent about the song and my Daddy: This song makes me cry every time I actually listen to it. It is such a sweet, tender song. I like it because the father in the song does not say anything bad about the groom, like that he is not good enough, but just talks about how he loves his daughter and how he prayed that she'd find him someday. That is exactly how my Daddy feels. He is really glad that I found Dahl, because he is a good man who loves me and will take care of me. He has always wanted that for his girls, and he is just grateful that now I can enjoy the blessings of marriage to someone who could take me to the temple and who is a worthy Priesthood holder. He also thinks Dahl's family is wonderful, and that makes him happy as well. My Daddy actually had a really big role in me feeling brave enough to marry Dahl. I always knew I wanted to, but fear held me back for a few months. My Daddy definitely did not even once tell me what to do, but he did talk me through a lot of my fears, and told me it was okay if I was scared. He told me it was okay if I didn't want to make a decision right then, and he just listened to me. When I was having the hardest time, he would talk to me almost every day. He gave me great advice, and really helped me. I will always be grateful for his help. It's not like he didn't have anything else to do with his time; he is one of the busiest men I know. This showed me what a priority I am to him. He really is the best Daddy ever! Anyway, during the dance I didn't even get to say "thank you" to him, and I kind of wonder if he intentionally steered the conversation away from things like that, because he knew I would cry.

Even though I didn't cry too much, I know that my cousins and sisters did, and I'm sure other people who I have not heard about. It was because their daddies weren't there to distract them! Throughout this dance, Dahl and his mother joined, and I think some other daddy-daughter/ mother-son couples, but I honestly don't know.
After that, free dancing was allowed, but we were pretty much ready to go, so we did the bouquet and garter toss. I think that Alexis Gallagher caught my flowers? I could be wrong. She is Joseph's age, so probably like 14. Haha. There were about 30 girls in the crowd to catch my bouquet! Crazy!!

Tangent: One of the nice things about this reception was that everyone came and stayed; we had a pretty big crowd that was there even when we left. That made me happy!

Dahl didn't have quite that many people in his gathering, however; there were only 5 eligible bachelors who tried to catch the garter. Jack Beath was the lucky winner!

After the throwing of the bouquet and the tossing of the garter, we changed in order to prepare to leave. I couldn't find my cell phone anywhere, so Nicole offered to let me use hers for the honeymoon, which I did. It was a big stress reliever!! For a few minutes, I couldn't find Dahl, which was kind of funny. I remember my mom asking me where something of mine was, and I said, "Yeah... where's my groom?! I dunno!" Anyway, he was found (he took longer changing than I did... whoda thunk??) We were cheered out to our car, which was decorated amazingly by the wonderful Brittany and Meghan, with a lot of help from a lot of other people who were in attendance. I don't have any pictures... I hope someone took some!!
Tangent: I think this is as good a time as any to stop and say thank you to everyone who helped with anything for my wedding. One group that I would like to add right now were the decorations. I know that Sister Franco, Sister Saunders, Sister Tucker, Barry from down the street, Toni, her friend from China, Russ and Jennifer, Dahl's next door neighbors, and my sisters, especially Nicole, were very helpful in making it beautiful. I know that more people than I have mentioned helped with so many things! I am truly grateful for your help-- It was very touching to hear about how kind and helpful people were to me and my family, especially my mom. I wish that every couple could be greeted with such love and service as we were. We truly have amazing, wonderful friends!

We were supplied with food from the reception-- Sister Johnson and Sister Ferguson, who were in charge of the food, packed us a plate each!! The food, by the way, was AMAZING!! I loved it! There were chocolate-covered strawberries and pretzels, Sister Johnson's famous mint brownies, chicken salad croissants, veggie trays (which Sister King brought at the last minute when my mom forgot them!), and the most amazing punch ever!

We had to pull over fairly quickly, because Dahl was worried we would get in trouble for the cans on the car, and then again because couldn't see anything so we had to move the balloons to the trunk. The first time we stopped, the Candlands saw and stopped to help. The second time, someone just honked... wonder what they were thinking!

When we got to our hotel, my parents started texting me, saying they had found my purse that I had left, as well as my phone. They asked us to bring the other cell phone and the keys to the car to the front desk... we were... busy, though, so we didn't end up being much of a help at all with that. Haha. But it all worked out! The next morning, we left for our honeymoon in Miami!

But that my friends, is another blog entry :)

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