Monday, June 14, 2010

Sleepy Dahl

Last night I came home late. Like, really late. And I saw the light still on in the room Heather and I share. I was surprised, and thought maybe she had left it on accidently, but there she was sitting on her bed, writing. She said she was writing down all of her feelings. So then we talked until like 8 in the morning. I am on a super weird sleep schedule. Yesterday, I took a 5 hour nap, so, although I was tired, I wasn’t that tired; I’d slept 3-8, woken up, read MormonBachelorPad, gone to ward prayer, waffle night, and Chantra’s sister’s house for cookies. Then I went to Dahl’s apartment and read more MBP. He fell asleep in my lap. I read and read and read. Then I decided to go home. (Poor boy, he is soo sleep deprived. And I didn’t pay that much attention to him, because I was so engrossed in my reading. I did play with his hair though, which should give me points.)

Usually when I want to go home, if Dahl is asleep, I just wake him up. I’ve told him he doesn’t have to walk me home (it is literally a 20 second walk) but he is adamant about it. One time we debated this. He was super tired, and I really didn’t mind walking myself home. Dahl’s tired modes are sometimes so cute. He can become the cuddliest boy in the world. I absolutely love it. I’m about to tell you an experience with one of his tired modes that was less so, but this one was adorable. He grabbed me in this big hug, kind of forcefully and said “I wanna make sure my girl gets home okay!” It was in this super determined all-I-wanna-do-is-protect-you voice, so I argued no longer. He really does want me to make sure he gets up so I am safe.

However wonderful his intentions are, this particular night I could not wake him up. I shook him. I said, “Dahl, I’m going home now!” I said, “Am I going home by myself, or are you walking me home?” I tried to move him to a more comfortable position on the couch, because since I was no longer his pillow I knew it was less comfortable, especially since his feet were hanging over the edge. He would not cooperate or help me at all, so I couldn’t move him. I said, “Okay, fine, give me a kiss goodbye then.” He wouldn’t. I said “Dahl, just give me a kiss goodnight!” He ignored me. I grabbed his face and tried to give him a kiss, and he just struggled away from me. I tried again. Same response. “Alright fine, you better hope the crazy man doesn’t rape me on my way home!” I said and left his apartment. (The crazy man I was referring to was the one who smashed that girl’s face with a rock at 3 in the afternoon on the trail that follows behind Raintree. He then took her behind a tree, raped her, and left her for dead, but she is fine now. Fine is a relative term, I suppose. But anyway, I just thought some people who aren’t in Provo would want an explanation. )

I actually thought it was pretty funny, because it was so unlike him, so I thoroughly enjoyed telling him the story this morning. Which leads to another story. This morning I woke up to go to work, and the first thing I worried about was if he was up getting ready to go to his work. I called him at 9:12. I texted him at 9:13. No response. I waited until 9:20. Then I got worried. I threw on some clothes and SPRINTED to his apartment. His car was still in front, so I knew he wasn’t there. He wasn’t on the couch, so he must’ve moved himself to his bed in the middle of the night. I ran straight to his room (sue me honor code police, I dare you!) I wasn’t sure if it was actually a person in the bed because all I saw was blanket. I yelled nonetheless. “Dahl! You’re gonna be late for work!” He emerged, standing up in a matter of seconds. “What time is it?!” “9:20!” I then stood there awkwardly, not knowing what to do. “I have to get dressed!” he said, shooing me out of his room. Right. I sprinted back to my apartment, got dressed in real clothes, and ran for the bus. He called me on his drive to work and I told him about his strange behavior. He has no recollection of any of it, which I think is even funnier.

Wow, I’ve written a lot about not what I was going to write about, so I’m just gonna publish this and write a new one. Enjoy! (Both)

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