Thursday, July 1, 2010

I Love America :)

*This is us last 4th of July! SOO fun!! I actually wrote a blog entry about it if you care to look :) *

My mom and dad raised all of us kids with a strong love for our nation. My great grandpa was in the Army, grandpa was a Paratrooper, I have an uncle who was in Navy Special Forces, and I have an uncle and cousin in the Border Patrol. Another uncle served in the Navy. On my dad's side, I have ancestors who have served in every war. I have a cousin right now who is overseas. My mom and dad always spoke with great respect, love, and concern for this land. They always voted, and my dad especially kept himself educated about politics.

We listened to "We Sing America!" in the car, and I knew pretty much every American song. When I was in kindergarten for the school talent show, I sang "You're a Grand Old Flag" solo for my entire school, starting with the first verse, which you probably don't know (it begins with "There's a feelin' comes a stealin' and it sets my brain a reelin' when I'm listenin' to the music of a military band..."). Mom made my teddy bear's shirt look like an American flag, and I held him and a real American flag while I sang. I also made myself a cape with American things on it, and stood with my back to the audience for the whole introduction. I got the whole audience clapping along, and I was the only one who got a standing ovation. I loved it.

As mentioned before, I love America songs. I love Sacrament meeting when we sing them; I look forward to it every year! And I pretty much always cry. I also love when the National Anthem is played/ sung at games I attend. It is one of my favorite parts. I love watching men and women stand, take off their hats, and put their hands on their hearts to honor our country, and to show respect when the flag goes by or the national anthem is played. I love that I always pledged allegiance to the flag at school, and I hope they never stop doing that. I love that our currency says "In God we Trust" and I hope that never changes, either.

When September 11 occurred, my mom cried when she explained what had happened, and I think the rest of us did, too. Every year since we have put candles on our front porch in memory of those who were lost and the heroes who were born that day. My Aunt Carol made up and recorded a beautiful song called "Bless America". She also made up a slideshow to it and if you would like to see it (which you should, it is beautiful), follow the link:!/video/video.php?v=1212290953158

We've always been taught to honor our soldiers and servicemen. I love our soldier boys. I am so grateful for what they do for me and every American. One of my favorite parts of flights are when they announce the military personnel and we get to clap for them. I know that I will never really be able to fully show my appreciation for them, but I like to be able to do something small like that for them.

I just attended the 4th of July fireside. I absolutely loved it. At one point, they had a soldier speak who was blinded in the war, who had many friends die. He was actually on the first stop of his honeymoon with his cute new wife. When asked if he had any regrets, he firmly stated that he would do it all again. It is those kinds of men that I cannot help but look at in awe. They also had beautiful music, and honored the two moms of the late soldiers who were from nearby high schools. It was incredibly moving to me. These people are the real heroes of America, and I just love them.

I took a class called American Heritage my freshman year. It is one of the most feared classes, but I absolutely loved it. It is basically about the theory of America. There's some history, but a lot of it is about how the country developed and how it functions. I read all the readings (probably the only class I have done that for), and my favorite by far was the one on George Washington. I love him. I think he is the most amazing man, and I am so thankful for his God- fearing leadership to our nation that was just starting out. I love all of our founding fathers. I love the strength they brought to our nation through their examples and through the Constitution we still use.

I usually hate getting forwards, but I almost always love the forwards about America.

I love fireworks on the 4th of July, apple pie, soldiers, baseball games, hot dogs, ice cream, hamburgers, Taylor Swift, parades, and most of all, freedom. I love that I can work where I want, go to school where I want, live where I want, worship how I believe, and spend my time how I choose.

I love love love being an American girl. God bless America!

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