Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth of July Weekend!!

This weekend was by far one of the best I've had this summer!!

On Saturday, I went bridesmaid dress shopping with Kali, Larissa, and Heather for Kali's wedding. Heather and I got dropped off before we found the dresses, but Kali texted me later saying they had bought some. I am excited to try them on!!

Friday night was Stadium of Fire!! Heather and I went together, and Dahl went with his family. Before we went, we had a picnic all together. Dahl's mom brought tons of toppings for us to make sandwiches, and they were AMAZING. Then we separated and went to the performance. It was FANTASTIC! I'm so glad I have the nicest sister who got me tickets :). I would definitely go again, but only if the main performer was someone who I wanted to see.
Resting at the picnic :)

Sisters <3

Carrie Underwood was DEFINITELY someone who I wanted to see. She was sooo cute and nice! I wish she had stayed on longer. Heather wrote about this too, and her favorite part was mine too, when Carrie sang Jesus, Take the Wheel and went into How Great Thou Art. I think it is so wonderful that she is so Christian and good. I think she is a great example of how fame does not have to lead to stupid out of control behavior. I was so impressed by her, not only because of her voice, but because of her stage presence and how sweet she was. Some of the people around us were super lame and looked so bored as they watched her. I was like Umm... WHY did you buy tickets?!?! Seriously. I don't understand it. So I'm sure I would have liked to see her better in more of a normal concert setting, where everyone was my own age, but this was still fun.

Stadium of Fire!!

The fireworks were the BEST I have ever seen. I loved the fireworks in DC, but I don't think they really compared. Part of it was because of the beautiful music in the background, and I think part of it was because some of the fireworks shot off from the actual stadium, so we could see them shoot off from the very beginning. It was beautiful.

Right after the show ended, we met back up with Dahl and went to a street dance party that they hosted after the show. It was so fun! It was family friendly, so there were kids and grandmas alike all shakin' what their mama's gave them. We stayed for about a half hour, and headed off to meet up with some friends to set off fireworks! In Maryland, fireworks are illegal, so this was my first experience! It was way fun :).
Me and my old roomies!!!

Making some fireworks of our own ;)

Our boys matched!

Modelling :)

Sunday we went to church and then Heather and Jeremy came with Dahl and me to his parents' house for yet another picnic! They had over tons of cousins and other family, and it was so fun! I also tried a recipe I have been curious about: making brownies with nothing more than a mix, and a can of black beans mixed with water that has been pureed until it can be pureed no more. They were actually very good! No one even knew the difference, and they were much better for you and so moist! We were amazed!

Monday we went to the parade! It was amazing- the night before tents lined the streets- there was literally no room for anyone else. It was like the whole city of Provo was camping out. People even had TV's and things like DDR all hooked up. It looked like the FUNNEST thing to me! Dahl says next year we will go!!! I am PUMPED! The parade was fun, we did end up getting decent seats even though we didn't stay the night.

Then we went to picnic number 3!! We went to Rock Canyon Park and ate leftovers from the night before with Dahl's family, Heather, and Janelle and Jim and kids. We threw around a football and frisbee, played concentration, and just laid in the grass. It was lovely.

After that, Heather, Dahl, and I went to the Freedom Festival Carnival thing and looked around. There was nothing we really wanted, so we just walked around for awhile. Then we went to the movies with Dahl's parents and Savana. We saw Knight and Day. It was really good! It was super funny and there was enough action and romance to keep everyone happy.

After that we went to Cafe Rio for dinner. While at dinner Dahl's parents asked us how we met. Weird huh? We've been dating 4 months and we'd never really told them our story! So we went through meeting, hanging out, first date, first kiss, and how we came to be boyfriend and girlfriend. It was so fun to tell the story with him, I think I want to video it one day!

Anyway, it was an incredibly fun weekend!! I loved every minute of it :) Happy Fourth!! God bless America!

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