Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fun Date Last Night :)

Last night, Dahl took me on a really fun date! You may be surprised when I tell you what it is. But before I do, I'm gonna back up a little bit.

As a refresher, Dahl works for APX for text support, meaning he helps customers with their problems over the phone. He is also really good at it, last week he had the highest stats for his floor!! So, he is pretty much working all day.

Sometimes, I'm not working all day, because I am here all day and I have a set of tasks to complete. If I finish them, and I haven't been assigned any more things to do, I am free to do other things like blog.

Sometimes, Dahl gets bored at work listening to people b!+(h about things, so he likes it when I email him fun things to read. That's where StumbleUpon comes in. Stumbleupon is an amazing way to use your internet time. I wouldn't recommend it if you don't have time to just sit and look at websites, but that is exactly what I have sometimes. Basically, it takes you to sites you will find interesting. You pick a group of topics you think are good from a list, and you can like things that you stumble into, so it becomes more and more customized to you. I find so much cool stuff! I love it! So when I find something I like, I usually copy and paste it and send it to both his work and normal email so he can see it both ways. I send him everything from videos and pictures (which he cannot watch till later) to relationship advice (hint hint... jk, but I do send it to him) to fun facts, to personality quizzes I take to recipes to inspirational quotes and stories.

As I said before, he can almost never see the pictures and he can never see the videos I send (there is no sound). So he texted me last night and said we should watch them. And I said sure, tonight! And he said, "Ya! Wanna make it a date? We'd go out to eat and then to Barnes and Noble and bum off their wifi and read books there!" I thought it was a great idea and added going to Spoon it Up because they are having buy one get one free with text and we want to try all the frozen yogurt places in Provo. ( I know, good luck, right? There are like a million!)

Now, Dahl takes me on lots of dates, and they are all fun. But, since we have been dating for awhile, they are usually more impromptu, like "I'm hungry, wanna go get some food??" And then we do. Which is fine, I mean I don't expect to be called and asked if I am busy ______ night and then be formally asked out and told when I would get picked up. But, sometimes it is fun to get asked on a date. So, I get SUPER excited when he plans it all out, especially when it is a surprise. It was not a surprise, but it was planned out, so I got all excited and curled my hair and changed into cute clothes, and he appreciated my cuteness of course :)

(Us at Barnes and Noble in the kids carpet area)

We left around 7:30 and went to Zupas for dinner. It was delicious, as usual. We had forgotten his laptop, so we decided to just bag the watching things idea and read in the bookstore. It was so fun! We got a lot of books from the humor section, like FML and What is your poop telling you? and Senior Moments, among other things. Our favorite one we found was 1001 Ways To Be Romantic. It was sooo cute, I totally want it. Barnes and Noble was disappointing in one aspect, however: there weren't very good seating arrangements. We expected couches we could sit on but the only things they had were little couch chairs that were all taken and other uncomfortable chairs. Soo we sat on the floor, mostly in the children's section. Anyway it was tons of fun reading and just hanging out with him. I like chill nights like that :)

Then we went to Spoon it Up because of their awesome 2 for 1 sale, and then back home.

It was so fun! I totally recommend doing it. We are definitely going to do it again, sometime. It's super cheap (if you skip the dinner part) and fun and you get to know the other person better, too. Do you have any fun creative dates?? Send them my way, we would love to try them!!

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