Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dahl threw me in a river!!

Dahl is usually an awesome boyfriend. But sometimes we all have little slip ups (no pun intended). This is about when he threw me in a river!

(Showing off our butts... not quite sure why, but don't we look super short?)

Okay, fine, it was accidental, and I pretty much enjoyed every minute of it, minus the seconds that went in slow motion as I realized there was no way I was avoiding falling and wondered how my phone would fare after such a dunking. So here is the story:

We were on our way to a ward break-the-fast that was held right outside our apartments in the grass at Raintree. Raintree has a little river, or, actually, a stream or maybe just a creek, that runs in the middle of the complex. It is a charming little river, and it makes the whole place quite aesthetically pleasing.
(We are still smiling because it was pretty funny)

I said something snotty, I don't remember what, but I was just teasing, so Dahl jokingly dragged me to the edge of the river and, standing on the rocks, said, "I'm gonna throw you in the river!" I protested and struggled, trying to escape his grasp, when I thought to myself, Dahl would never actually drop me in the river! I thought that I knew this, because we have been practicing; At random times during the day, I will be standing next to him and I "fall" without notice, and he catches me. I probably do this sometime every day, and he always catches me. Anyway, he has big muscles from his gym attendance, so I thought that of course, no harm would come to me if I just went limp. So i did! The rest happened in slow motion: Dahl's voice suddenly changed from laughing and teasing to panicked as he said "I'm gonna throw... Oh babe! BabeBabeBabe!!" .... Crap. There is no way I'm escaping falling into this filthy river. Dahl had completely lost his balance. I screamed and tried to hold my phone hand high enough for it to escape the water... SPLASH!

(But it was still kinda sad)

Luckily, Dahl's first instinct was to save me, so he put one hand behind my back and one hand out to keep me from completely falling on the rocks. I escaped completely unharmed, actually. Dahl got a little scrape from being a hero even though it was basically his fault for throwing me in. He also scooped me up so I was on my feet instead of my back right after we fell.

(Right where it happened)

My phone was dunked, but it is fine! I was completely soaked and dirty, though. My entire body went under except my head (some of my hair still got wet). It was worse for Dahl, thought, because, although he only got his pants and part of his torso wet, they were suit pants, so hopefully they survive. He says his tie is retired, though.

(I was still hungry so I went sopping wet)

It was close enough to the break the fast that everyone heard me scream, and a good handful of people in my ward saw me fall. We went, soaking wet, got some food, and made lemonade by taking pictures of our adventure. Enjoy!

(In taking this re-creation picture, I almost fell in again...
wouldn't that have been funny? Or pathetic, either way)

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