Sunday, May 27, 2012

Cinco De Mayo Date

So, this is a really late post that I mostly wrote awhile ago, just had a hard time getting all posted :).

A few Saturdays ago was Cinco de Mayo!! So I asked Dahl on a Cinco de Mayo date.
First of all, I declared it an "all in Spanish... or Spanglish" night, at least for the dinner portion. So, we had a lot of fun trying to communicate. It actually wasn't too bad, because Dahl served his mission in Long Beach, California, Spanish speaking, and I took Spanish all through high school, and ended up testing out of 12 credits from it for college. Dahl is definitely better than I am at Spanish, but I was pretty impressed with how much I remembered, and we could have pretty decent conversations.

What would be a Cinco de Mayo party without awesome Mexican food? We first went to The Blue Iguana, which was SUPER good. Above are my fish tacos, which were basically to die for!

This weird huge black plastic grass garden place is so fun to me!

You can pull the "grass" back and it will fling into others and send them flying too!

That night, we went to Mi Ranchito with Dahl's parents and got fried ice cream! (We ended up getting two of what you see below because they accidentally gave us the small birthday one instead of the big normal one.) It was super yummy!

Hooray for Cinco de Mayo!

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