Friday, May 11, 2012

All About the In-Laws

*This is another one of those it-seems-long-because-of-all-the-pictures-but-it's-not-really-that-long entries*

As some of you already know, Dahl and I decided to move in with his parents to save some money back in November. They have been more than welcoming, and we have really enjoyed it so far. I think a lot of people think that it would be a hard situation, and one that you should avoid, but I think they just must have in-laws that aren't as awesome as mine. I have definitely heard horror stories from friends about moving in with their in-laws, and I am grateful our experience has been nothing like that. They have been very sure to give us our privacy, and the basement is made to be its own apartment so we have a master bedroom with walk-in closet and bathroom, and our own kitchen. We even made ourselves a mini- living room in our bedroom with a couch and a flat-screen TV (Dahl's idea, of course). It's nice because when Dahl is busy with schoolwork I can go up and talk to Brenley and Savana and Eric, which is always fun.
Utah Reception that Brenley decorated super cutely

ANYWAY, that's not really what this entry is supposed to be about. What it's really about is how sweet they were to me a few Saturdays ago. Dahl had a test a few weekends ago, so he was down at UVU, and was going to be there until early evening.
With Jacob, Bro-in-Law

Mother- Son Dance

Daddy- Daughter Dance

I had resigned myself to a day of cleaning, laundry, and random internet-surfing, and had just started cleaning the kitchen when Eric came downstairs and asked what I was doing today. I said nothing, just cleaning and waiting for Dahl to get home. He said they were going to Cafe Rio, and did I want to come? I asked who was going and he said just him and Brenley. "Oh I don't want to ruin your date!" I said. "Oh no, it's fun! You should come!" he encouraged. "We'd love to have you!" So I said okay.

Being super supportive at my Graduation

First, they bought me Cafe Rio which was delicious. And while we were in line, Eric asked me if I like to shop at Kohl's. Yes, I said. He then handed me a coupon for $10 off when you spend at least $30 there. And then he handed me a $20 bill, and said, "You have to spend at least $30, so the coupon will give you $10 off, and here's the $20 to spend." !!!!! I was so touched! "You don't have to give me $20 Eric!!" I said in surprise. "Oh no, it's fun, it's fun!" he said. (He always says that... so cute!) So I accepted.

Is that not so nice?!?! He gave Brenley one too, so we got to go shopping together and I got a pair of jeans and a shirt. Brenley was a fun shopping buddy :) We had lots of fun all talking together in the car, at Cafe Rio, and at Kohl's.

San Francisco Trip

I just thought it was so nice, because they definitely didn't have to do that. I wasn't expecting anything like that. I was just grateful for some company! And they made what could have been a very "blah" day, really fun for me. They are truly the nicest, sweetest parents in-law I could have ever dreamed of having. They welcomed me into their home and hearts, and they treat me just like a daughter.

Sisters-in-Law Sarah and Savana

When I got a picture with my parents kissing my cheeks, this was the compromise for the matching picture. Haha. 

And it's not just them! Savana is just like a sister to me, and I love her to death. In fact, we just had a girls night together and we got dinner and watched The Lucky One and talked. Dahl's sister Sarah and her husband Bryan and daughter Jessie are always so kind to me as well. And Jacob is my buddy, too. He never fails to pinch my cheeks and shout KELLBELL! at me in the most annoying possible voice. The extended family have all been wonderful to me as well.

With Nana (Brenley's Mom)

Extended Family on Eric's side- His Parents and Janelle and Dale

I'm so glad I got such wonderful in-laws. They always make a point to talk about how cute and sweet they think I am, and how pretty they think my eyes are. It's kind of funny, actually, how complimented I always am. They always say how glad they are I married Dahl and how perfect I am for him. And Eric always reminds Dahl how lucky he is to have gotten such a nice wife. 



Basically, I love my in-laws, and I feel so incredibly blessed to have ones that love me so much just for being me and for loving their wonderful son (or brother, or whatever the relationship may be)!

Both sets of parents :) Don't know how I got quite so lucky to get the best parents and in-laws, but it happened!


  1. I love this post! You are so awesome Kelly and we are so lucky to have you in our family!

  2. I LOVE this post. :) Mostly because I love your in-law lots too and this made me really miss them... and you guys!! Hopefully we can see you at Christmas!! xo