Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter- A Little Something Egg-stra!

*I know it's a week after Easter, but I think this idea can be used whenever, just not with my awesome pun :)*

So, this Easter I wanted to make a little surprise for Dahl. I came up with the idea to give him an Easter Egg Hunt with a little something "egg-stra". I started it out by giving him a note that said:

Dear Dahl,
Because I love you more than I can say,
Here's a little something "egg"-stra to brighten your days
In each egg there are some treats,
but they aren't all just to eat
I hope you think they are lots of fun,
I love being your honey bun!

In each egg, I gave him some candy (of course) and a coupon for things like a massage, I take him on a date to a restaurant of his choice, and other fun things (that was the little something "egg-stra"). I even included a "no nagging" one-- if I'm ever nagging him, he can give me the coupon and I have to stop!

I have never made him homemade coupons before, and I don't know why... they are so easy and fun! He loved them! So much that I got a kiss after each coupon (or two or three depending on how awesome this particular one seemed to him). I'm so excited for him to redeem all of them! I told him he must use at least 1 coupon a month for the next 12 months so that he finishes them at least by the year's end-- he says it will be much faster than that!

PS- I followed a tutorial to make homemade coupons here.


  1. Uhh...I totally and completely LOVE this idea and am going to steal!! :D It will be a super fun surprise for Steven before I clean up all of the Easter decorations. ;) Yay! You are awesome. <3

  2. Thanks!! Imitation is the greatest form of flattery :)