Monday, April 9, 2012

The Dance Date Where Everything that Could Go Wrong, Did!

This weekend I planned a dance- themed date. It did not go according to plan, but we still had fun! This is the post I wanted to write (and planned on posting):

This past Saturday, I planned a date that was a little bit more geared towards me... but Dahl still loved it! I planned a dance themed date! Now, I have NEVER considered myself much of a dancer. But, I have always thought dancing was fun. I took several dance classes at BYU just because I liked them. Heather (my sister) was always better than me, but I made out alright. I asked Dahl to take a dance class while we were dating so I could dance with him, and he did, but it wasn't his favorite. He does, however, like to dance with me, and demonstrates it by grabbing me and breaking into spontaneous dance randomly and with great gusto.
SO, I decided to try it, mostly because it sounded so fun to me!

You are invited to an evening of dance with your favorite dance partner of all time, ME.


I challenge you to a Just Dance competition! Winner gets to pick the dance movie we are going to watch J

4:00-6:00: Watch a dance movie. Options: Footloose, Step Up, Swing Kids, Dirty Dancing

6:00-7:00: Dinner/ Drive to BYU

7:00-8:30: Free swing dancing lessons at BYU!

8:30- 9:00 Dancing

9:00 Surprise!

For the surprise, I decorated our room like a dance (sort of... just added some Christmas lights and cleared out a dance floor), and we had a little dance party to our favorite Pandora playlists. It was so fun, and we had a great time dancing the night away.

This is a way fun date that you can do even if you don't have a place that offers free dance lessons! If you look around, there are generally some places that offer group lessons for a small fee, and some even offer private lessons with appointments for a larger fee if you want to get more intense about it. You could even find Youtube videos and learn from those if you want to make it cheaper and stay at home! If you don't like Just Dance you can play a similar game like Dance Dance Revolution, or you don't have a Wii or Kinnect, do a Zumba workout video together.

This is how it really happened:

I told Dahl about the date idea, and he thought it would be really fun! Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, we were not able to start the date until about 5, so we skipped the Just Dance part and just started Footloose.

Then, we drove down to BYU, only to not be able to find the dance instructions... I just learned that the website I was looking at to plan the date was extremely out of date, and that the dance lessons are usually in the Richards Building room 2206 Saturdays 7-8, and then there is a dance 8-10:30pm (the dance costs $3 if you are not a club member). This particular time was especially confusing because it was held in the Wilkinson Center. That's okay, though, because we will just go another time!

We also locked our keys in the car. With our cell phones, too. Don't ask. Luckily, we were on an extremely friendly campus and 2 people let us use their phones to first call AAA, then the campus police, and then AAA again to cancel their services (too late, though, because they arrived right after the officer opened our car... kind of awkward, but whatever!). Then we went to Cafe Rio, which is amazing, and back home to finish the movie.


I decorated our room with red Christmas lights and a big sparkly gold ornament to be like a fake disco ball in the middle of the ceiling, and put on a pretty dress, and we had a dance party in our room. That was definitely the best part of the evening :)

We will play Just Dance later today, Dahl promised!

SO, basically, a lot went wrong, but it was still fun, and we will definitely make sure we figure it all out next time so we don't have all those problems again. Plus, I still got to spend the whole night with my best friend, and he was so sweet and understanding about everything, so it was still AWESOME!

We didn't end up taking any pictures on this date because, as I said, nothing really went according to plan, but here is a picture of us dancing when we were first dating:

He is my favorite dance partner of all time :)


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  2. kelly this is so cute! you are the cutest wife!