Thursday, September 24, 2009

This past week and a half

So, last week I didn't write anything but my talk, which I think is hardly fair, so I will sum up my week last week too. I guess the most eventful things were:
*3 dates, 2 on Friday night
*the football game.... soo saaadddd
*my talk

So I first went on a date with a boy who we will call John on Tuesday. We went to dinner at this Mexican place with his brother and his brother's gf and then watched a movie at his house. Dinner was really fun, and very good. It was kinda weird to meet his whole family at his house. Cinderella Man is a good movie. I got home wayy later than I wanted to, though, which struck me as inconsiderate? Especially on a school night? Usually I'm not like that but I had absolutely no say in the movie, even when I pointed out how long it is, he was very firm about how I would like it and that's what we were watching.

This may or may not have anything to do with this date, but it really bothers me when boys think that because they buy me dinner they're allowed to touch me. Especially when I am clearly showing that I would rather they keep their hands to themselves. I feel like I might be coming off like I just don't like people to touch me, which is very untrue. Actually, I'd say the opposite is true. I just don't appreciation the assumption that they have a right to. And I don't appreciate being forced into awkward situations.

Okay so that Friday I went on a date with John again, we went 4-wheeling. And I shot a gun for the first time in my life. It was very exciting! It was actually my first time 4 wheeling as well, except for maybe 5 minutes a few years ago. It was fun, but I was sore the next day. I think that 4 wheeling is pretty sweet, but I get tired of it after about a half hour. He also got me a Wendy's kids meal, which is pretty much my favorite thing.

I told him that I had to be home by 7 because I had a date at 8, but I didn't end up getting home until 7:40. So I took a shower, and my roomies blow-dried my hair while I did my make up. It was quite the adventure, but I was totally ready to go by the time my date arrived. It was a double date with Kali, which was fun.

Our date was probably the most classically Mormon date I have ever been on. Our dates were pretty adorable about how pumped they were about the whole thing. We made cards and ding dong ditched random houses with brownies we made. Then, we went to this grove of trees and sat on some blankets and read scary stories. They were from those scary stories books that aren't really scary, but are very entertaining. So that was fun. We did have to change locations when the sprinklers turned on around us though. Haha.

Saturday was spent writing my talk, which you had the pleasure of reading last time, and going to the game. The game was the most devastating loss. It made me so sad. That's all I really wanna say about it.

Sunday, I gave my talk. I was super nervous, especially when the speaker before me left only 4 minutes, but it went really well. I hardly read from the paper, and the congregation laughed at all my funny stories and were just so nice about it afterwards. I have seriously never in my whole life been so complimented on a talk. So many people came up to tell me they enjoyed it. One boy came up to me 3 times to tell me that it was the best talk he had ever heard. Lots of people told me that I have the best parents ever, which I mean, it's the truth :). The Bishop complimented me on it at church and again at ward prayer. He told me that he told lots of people about how fantastic it was. Needless to say, I was very flattered.

Then this Monday we had our first FHE as a family. It was so fun! Kayla, my roomie, is the mom. She had us play pudding twister, which quickly turned into a pudding fight. Then we all went and jumped into the pool in our clothes. It was way fun. Not everyone participated, but I bet about half of the family was actively involved.

This Wednesday was True Blue Football. I went last year and thought it was amazing, so this year I went with Heather (my sister) and Christine, her roomie and our friend. Heather was very upset about all the foam getting in her eyes, but Kali, my lovely roomie, was very helpful with letting us use her clean t-shirt (she wasn't participating) to wipe them. Kali is the nicest girl :) Then we went to the Cannon Center and changed, washing our very blue clothes in the sinks and wrapping them in paper towels so they didn't leak through the bags. Then we ate dinner at the Cannon, which is always ridiculously filling. As Heather likes to say, we stroll in, and roll out.

I guess the only other thing I should mention is that now I have an official study buddy. His name is Scott, and we have 3/5 classes together: MComm, Isys, and Accounting 210. We aren't actually in the same MComm section, and we have different teachers (which makes him much less lucky than I am), but we still are learning the same things. Usually, we just sit next to each other somewhere in the library and study by individually until we have a question. Or we work through difficult problems together. I can honestly say it is probably the most productive studying ever. It's so nice because I'm pretty good at studying by myself, but I don't really like it. So, this way I kind of get the best of both worlds. I also have someone to explain things to, which is very effective in helping me learn. And, I have someone to help me understand things I don't understand.

I wanna go to bed now, but I am thinking of two things that I will include in my next blog... an awkward experience in my ASL class, and watching the 1st season of the office. I'm sorry to everyone in my class who ended up reading this.... I know it's ridiculously long.

Soo that's pretty much it. Now I'm just preparing for about a million tests so should be fun!

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