Wednesday, September 9, 2009


So BYU, formerly ranked #20 beat Oklahoma, formerly ranked #3, 14-13 in their first football game of the 2009 season last Saturday!!! It was such and intense game, and I was pretty much dying the whole 4th quarter. I never liked football until I came to BYU, and now I looove it. I especially love to watch it live, but on TV is still good, especially if it's high def with everyone in your apartment complex! Which is exactly how it was. A guy who lives in Raintree is the son of a manager of Wilson Diamonds, or something like that, so they provided pizza and soda for everyone who came to watch the game in the common area. Today, I just got back from watching the game against Tulane, where we KILLED them btw, and they did the same thing except for at Glenwood this time. This week has been pretty good, I ran into a lot of people I didn't expect to see:
1. Vince Eisinger. I don't know if I've ever mentioned the Eisingers in my blogs before, but Brittany was my best friend as a child, then they moved, so we pretty much lost contact, and then she moved back and now we are still really good friends, I just love her. Anyway, so Vince is apparently in my accounting class, and we ran into each other as I was walking out of a door he was trying to walk into. He's engaged now, which seems super quick to me, but it was just crazy to run into him.
2. Curtis Penfold. Okay, I don't remember him very well, but I remember his dad used to play the piano with his feet. He randomly came and asked to sit at the table Heather and I were sitting at, and we said sure. He asked where we were from, and when we said Maryland, he said "Oh I lived there as a kid, I lived in Laurel, you've probably never heard of it." And we were like... oh contraire! If ever there was a city in Maryland we heard of, it was Laurel! So we figured out our families know each other so that was cool.
I think that's it, I did randomly see a lot of people I know at the game today, too...
Last night was Fall Fest at BYU, so me, Heather, Jordan, Kali, and my new roomie Kayla went. It was a lotta fun, we did speed dating which sucked... most of the boys were freshmen. I think they should be assigned their own tables and not be allowed to mingle with girls older than they are... because they are automatic "no"'s. The way it ran was you wrote down their names, and marked y or n next to them if you wanted to keep in contact. I said y to one, even though I'm not super interested, but he seemed nice. And he wasn't a freshman. So we could hang out. They give both people the other's contact info if both say yes. So I guess we will see... I'll be fine either way, though. We also did an obstacle course which I totally failed at because I was wearing all this super-hero garb, so I was sliding and dying everywhere. Those things are super fun though. The we went to Red Mango, which was also fun. We took a lot of pictures, they're in my "Superhero Day!" album on facebook. I was Fantastic 4, the one Jessica Alba plays. Heather was a Power Ranger, using Kali's costume from last Halloween that we got at DI. It's actually a kid's costume, and Kali cut it so the pants have no waist, and the top only goes past her boobs, so she just wore a shirt under. Kali was Mrs. Incredible. It was really fun, a lot of people complimented us on our costumes. And we took some pretty sweet pictures, too. We also went to Red Mango afterwards. I didn't really like frozen yogurt when I first had it, but Utah is obsessed-- there are only about a million Provo frozen yogurt places, and now I pretty much love it. Anyway, I have a lot of homework I need to be doing if I'm gonna go to Rock the Block tonight!
Love, Me

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