Monday, June 18, 2012

Birthday! Birthday! Coming to Earth Day!

Sooo Dahl and I are almost birthday buddies! This year, mine was Sunday (May 20) and his was Monday (May 21)! I love having our birthdays so close together! Then we each get our days but we can have a fun-filled weekend together! Plus, this year I went a little crazy with birthday coupons... like I signed up for about 40 different clubs, half of them to restaurants I never go to, just to get some free birthday treats!

All wet from the Bumper Boats!

My birthday was mostly a lot of family time! Dahl made me a delicious cake (chocolate with chocolate frosting and cream cheese frosting in the middle), and we had lunch with the Lowe's (cousin's in law- one of them, Larissa, is my birthday buddy!), and went to dinner at Sarah's (Dahl's sister)! One of my favorite parts was when I walked into my Primary class and they all sang me Happy Birthday! How cute is that?! I love them : ) even though teaching by myself is driving me a little bit more than crazy... hopefully I get a new partner soon! I also got to talk to my cute family, and Dahl gave me a CRUISE! (It was actually our birthday present from both of us to each other, but Dahl did all the research and we are going in October.) We are PUMPED!! We also gave each other cards and I followed this idea and gave Dahl 25 balloons with people's messages on them! If I did it again, I would DEFINITELY have people put the notes inside on a piece of paper, because it sure did get messy! Still fun, though! (Don't worry, we bought a balloon pump so we didn't get all germed up!)

Batter Up!!

Dahl's birthday was the funnest! We found this deal for Boondock's where if it is your birthday you get a free  unlimited pass! AND even better, if your birthday is on a Sunday, you can use it the next day too! So we both got in for free!! We rode the Go-Karts (and I totally dominated!), rode the bumper boats, used our free arcade tokens, went to the batting cages, and had an awesome time!! Then we went to Chuck-a-Rama (for free! Thanks Sarah!).

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner :)


Basically, we made out like bandits!! I love birthdays :) Especially when I get to spend them with my love! 


  1. I love this! happy birthday, dahl and kelly!

  2. Haha, this is great! You guys are so cute and I'm excited for you to go on your cruise! :)