Monday, August 22, 2011

When Julie Came to Visit!

*This post is from about a month ago. Now that I have the pictures, I can post it!*

These past few days we have had cute Julie here to visit us!! It was awesome not only because we got to see her, but also because it gave us an excuse to do some fun things we've been wanting to do all summer!

First of all, for those of you who don't know, Julie is my 17-year old sister (number 4), and she is about to start her senior year of high school.

Anyway, when she first came in (Monday), her flight was delayed 7 hours, and so instead of her being able to take the bus straight from the airport to go see Nicole (number 3, age 19) at BYU-I, we had to go pick her up at the airport where they had characteristically lost our luggage (Southwest is better than Delta), and finally we got her (without her luggage). We didn't do much that night because Dahl was super busy, and the next day she was off to Idaho.

Fast Forward to Thursday- Julie wasn't back yet, but it was still eventful, as Dahl and I doubled with Jacob and Heather (his brother, my sister), and it was super fun!! We went to Thai Mango, which is AMAZING btw, Comedy Sportz, Spoon it Up for frozen yogurt which I also love, and then back to our apartment to watch I am Number 4. A good time was had by all :)

Now fast forward to Friday- Julie came back!! We all went to dinner at the Cannon Center (thanks Heather!) and then to the Redwood Drive In to watch Transformers 3 and Super 8. Personally, I did not appreciate Transformers 3, and fell asleep in the middle, just like I did with the second one. It is far too long and drawn out, and the scenes all act like they're interconnected but it's so random and weird and I just don't like it except for the parts with the parents, which are pretty funny. I really liked Super 8, however, and I thought it was really cute. Anything JJ Abrams does is awesome, with very few exceptions. It was super fun to go, because we got to hang out with David and Amy and Lori and Brent as well as Lindsay and a boy from her high school. I think drive in movies are *AWESOME*, so it was a definite success.

Us at the Drive in!!

The next day, we went to Lagoon (And by we I mean Heather, Jacob, Julie, Savana, Stan (her boy), Dahl, and I)! The day got off to a late start because the discount tickets we were supposed to get weren't actually valid, and the Costco tickets we bought had some complications, but we finally got on our way, and it was a blast!! Our favorite ride was Rattlesnake Rapids- everyone got in a huge inner-tube and we floated down this river. It's really fun because there are waterfalls that spray you and when you jostle the tube you get splashed as well, so the main goal of everyone on the ride is to try to avoid getting wet. This causes a lot of running around the tube, pushing and shoving. Even with all that work, everyone ended up fairly soaked (Stan and I especially). It's super fun how when you get married your whole family expands and becomes even more fun!


Stan and Sav

Haha notice Heather's face between mine and Dahl's... cute huh??

Sunday we went to Heather's ward (and our old ward), and then worked on our moth infestation problem (don't even get me started...). Then we went to Dahl's house, and hung out with his family. We ate dinner at Janelle’s, went on a walk, and jumped on the tramp!! We decided to jump in a Snuggy for 2 that Dahl and I got (one at a time though) and a bunch of sleeping bags, which was super fun and slippery! Then we played a leisurely game of tossing the volleball around on the tramp which quickly turned into a violent game of dodgeball where everyone was it! Then, we went inside and watched the Love Bug, which is a Connor favorite (we watched it as kids and thought it was soo funny). Dahl and Jacob got over their initial hatred and became #1 and #2 fans!

Monday Dahl, Jacob, Heather, Winnie, Julie, and I went to Pizza Pie Cafe, which was as delicious as it was fattening, and then Kellen took Winnie's place and we went bullfrog fishing!! It was super fun, and we were so glad he was so nice to bring us and teach us how/ do all the work for us :)

I kissed my frog...

And He turned into a Prince!!

Jacob and his froggy


She warmed up quickly!


Sisters :)

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  1. Hey, P! This was such a nice post! I loved it :) I can't wait to see what you will write when you come out for Christmas! I'm so glad I got to go out there and play with you guys :) You're the nicest Kelly sister! I love you!