Monday, August 15, 2011

I Saved a Duckling Today!!

To give you some perspective, I originally wrote this post May 10 this year. And that wasn't even the day it happened; it was a few days later. I never got the pictures from this event up until yesterday (this was because of a combination of busy-ness, forgetfulness, and the fact that Dahl gave his mom his phone with the pictures on it before we posted them), so I never posted this blog until now. That's actually why I haven't been posting any blogs. I know I can edit them later to add the pictures but it just bugs me that people will go to look at my blog and it will have no photos when there are a ton of perfectly good ones that could go along with it that they will never see because they will never look at that entry again. Anyway, here's the original entry:

Today Dahl and I saved a ducklings life! This is how it happened:

We went to the gym right after work, and we decided that instead of going on the treadmill at the end of our workout like usual (we usually do elliptical, weights, treadmill), we would rather go on a walk outside. Dahl drove us to Raintree, where there's a trail that we love and used to walk on all the time. As we were walking, suddenly I saw something.

"Dahl, is that a duckling?!" I asked. It was!! All by itself, chirping for its mother very terrified-ly. We tried to catch it but were unsuccessful, so we kept walking. We came back to where we were a little while later, and it was still there, calling desperately for its mommy duck.

I started to get kind of worried for it (we have no idea if its a boy or girl, but I'll assume it's a boy from now on). He was all alone, there were no mommy ducks in the vicinity (we had walked all over the area), and it was cold and windy. It also looked like it may rain later, and the river was rushing rapidly, armed with twice the amount of water it usually had. The duckling definitely could not swim in it.

So, we decided to rescue him. We knew his chances of survival were slim to none, plus he was the cutest thing I had ever seen. Dahl finally managed to catch him:

Is that not the most adorable thing ever???

I was seriously in love with him. Dahl carried him back to the car, and I carried him as we drove down to the duck pond. We figured there would be a lot of ducks there, ducks that aren't as afraid of humans, and someone would take Ducky (we named him- Land Before Time, anyone?) in.

When we first arrived, we couldn't find a family that had ducklings his age. I was worried about putting him with one that had bigger ducklings, but just as I was about to reluctantly place him there (it was the only other mother duck we saw), Dahl found one with ducklings just Ducky's size! I placed him on the ground, and he instantly ran to the mother who promptly decided it was time for a swim. He followed the mother in the line with the other ducklings, and looked perfectly at home! They swam around for a bit, and he was such a perfect size we couldn't even tell which was him. I was so glad we could find him a new home with a nice family :)


  1. Kelly this is soooo cute!!! I feel inspired by you :) Love you!!!

  2. i wish i had saved him with you