Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Have Nightmares About Losing My Ring... and Other Wedding Disasters

Seriously. I do. When we were in St. George I had two in a row:

First, I dreamed the diamond in the middle shattered. I kept trying to get all the pieces to put it back together, and I realized I would have to glue it together. I was so sad because it wouldn't be as pretty anymore! (If you want it in more official terms, it would have the BIGGEST inclusion ever!!)

The next night, I dreamed we lost the center diamond. At a playground. I was so distraught- I KNEW we could not afford to replace it. I kept looking but never found it, and just kept feeling horrified the whole dream.

Anyway... those were bad dreams. But the worst one was a couple weeks ago. I have been telling Dahl that we need to sign up for an interview with the Bishop so we can get our recommends! He always says he will do it, because he is worried I am getting too stressed with the millions of things I have to do. He is nice :). Except by this time, he still hadn't scheduled one.

So that night I had a dream. I dreamed it was the day before the wedding. In my dream I was begging Dahl to schedule our interview because we needed to get our recommends by tomorrow! He just kept whining that he was tired and didn't want to, and trying to cuddle with me.

He said could we please just do it tomorrow??

I was appalled! No! I am not interviewing to go to the temple on my wedding day!



Then I started freaking out because I realized I was totally unprepared for my wedding day! I didn't know how I was doing my hair! I didn't have a recommend! I didn't know where the reception was, or what food we would be eating! I didn't even have my dress! And it was tomorrow!!!

Just as I started realllyy freaking out, I woke up.

I wonder if I have weird dreams because of a change in sleeping habits. In St. George, I was clearly not in my bed. AND, I was with Amy, who is probably the funniest sleep-talker EVER. The night I had my stress dream, I had gone to bed at 7, fully intending to wake up in a couple hours, but not waking up until midnight, hanging out a few more hours, then going back to bed. So maybe that's why.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed another round of my dreams!

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