Saturday, December 5, 2009

Back to School!

The title expresses much more enthusiasm than I actually have inside of me about being back. However, where we left off, something very exciting was about to happen-- in the BYU- Utah football game! We were in the 6th row in the end zone, and we got to rush the field when we won in overtime! It was the most intense game of my life. I literally felt sick for the entire 4th quarter.

After the game, Heather, Christine, and I went to the Loft. There, we met Jaren and Jaten. Jaren came up to us and said, "Hey, so my friend just got back from his mission 3 weeks ago and he hasn't been kissed since he got back. So I want one of you girls to kiss him tonight." Heather and Christine immediately said they would not, and when he turned to me, they were like "Kelly it'll be so fun, you should do it!!" So after much hesitation, I said okay. It is, after all, on my bucket list to kiss a stranger. However, Jaten, the recent rm, was far too nervous, which was fine with me, so he ended up just getting my number. More on that later.

That night Jared invited us to come over again, I don't remember why, but we ended up staying forever late, so I was majorly sleep deprived during church.

Sunday we had a singing Sacrament meeting. It was kinda cool I don't think I've ever done that before. Then, after we had combined RS and EQ, Nathaniel came up to me and said "Kelly I choose you." "What?" "I pick you!" "For what?" "To talk about the talent show with me!" "Oh, like announce it at Ward Prayer?" "No, to emcee it with me!"

So I accepted, even though I definitely am inexperienced in that field, and it probably showed. Anyway, that night we discovered that we still didn't know what we as the RS pres were doing in the talent show, so we decided to just do the Mean Girls Dance to Jingle Bell Rock, except we edited it a little to make it more appropriate. It turned out way cute, though.

Then we had a buncha people over to watch Get Smart and 17 again. It was way fun :)

Monday reality struck, so I tried to study, but I really sucked at it because I didn't get any sleep Sunday night either (I was doing my homework due Monday) so I mostly just drove Scott crazy being weird. That night we made gingerbread houses for FHE, which were cute. I mostly just ate. Then Nathaniel and his friend Greg took me and Kal to Denny's to plan MC-ing. We decided to do two truths and a lie for most of the acts, so that turned out entertaining.

Tuesday and Wednesday I mostly just studied. Wednesday Jared took me on another date, this time to Olive Garden, so I was happily fed. It was a fun date :) I planned on studying the whole rest of the night, but it didn't really work out, because a million people came over to visit me. They all wanted to talk and hang out and put me in a movie (which I agreed to) and serenade me and tease me and I wanted to die by the end of it, because I just wanted everyone to leave.

So Thursday I took my test (it took 4 freaking hours), went to Mcomm, practiced ASL, and ran home to change and have Tasha do my hair (she did a great job btw :) ) and rushed to the talent show. It was a great success, we have such a talented ward. It was so fun!

Then, Jacob said we should all go to Denny's so I texted everyone in the ward whose numbers I had and told them to come. I was surprised at the awesome turnout, we had at least 20 people maybe more come, and I texted 21 people. So that was really fun. Then we all went and watched the Grinch at Kellen's.

Friday I did an accounting project, which was really easy actually. Then I got a call from Jaten, who asked what I was doing tonight. I said Freeze Fest of course! And so we met up with him and Jaren and 2 of their buddies. We hung out with them for awhile and danced and ate cookies and took pictures with COSMO who tickled me during the pictures which was funny. Then the boys had to leave because one of their friends had an emergency or something so we were just dancing and all of a sudden these two guys came up and were like hey, we don't know how to dance can you teach us? So we did... kinda. And one of them gave me flowers he found on the ground. They got hot chocolate with us, and we learned we all live in Raintree so they got our numbers too :) Then Heather and I went skating. In the middle, I felt someone grab my hand, and I assumed it was just one of my friends who were there, but it was COSMO! I'm pretty much in love with him! He also took a picture holding me and Heather and spun us, which was fun.

Then we went home and got a bunch of people to watch Elf with us. Most of them I didn't know, but it turned out fun, too. And today I just did part of the Isys project due soon.

Anyway, it was a very busy week, but still fun :)


  1. Hahaha you would offer to kiss the new rm. Love you :)

  2. Kelly this has gone long enough. If I cannot talk to you on facebook or text you i WILL be able to at least read about your life. Get on that. This is getting ridiculous.