Monday, June 1, 2009

Working, Dating, Birthdaying, BBQing, Peeing in Cups

Heather told me to update this...So I am!!! I always obey her :) Not really. 
Anyway, I think I will update everyone on my life. So I guess most importantly, I started work, finally :). I first had to go back to training. At first I was annoyed because it was so far away, and I knew most of it, but I feel like it was good for me. I feel a lot more comfortable about all the transactions I had to do and I really liked the people I met, so I am glad I got to do it. For those of you who don't know, I am a summer teller at PNC bank.  I think I have said how I love my job. It does a variety of things for me that I think are important:
  • It makes money. Duh. Why do people get jobs?
  • It keeps me occupied throughout the day. Before I had this job I spent all day sleeping, facebooking, reading fml and textsfromlastnight, eating, listening to my dad yell at heather about not having a job, doing household chores, driving siblings places, shopping ( I used to like the Columbia mall... I think I need a full two months to purge), being bored... I was not very productive. 
  • It makes me feel smart. Not to insult mall jobs or food service jobs, which are great, I have had both, but I feel like this job is more... professional? I think that is the word I am looking for. It is a very big responsibility, I think, to work with that much money at a time. I think that is good for me, too, because I think I shy away from responsibility that could end up getting me in trouble. If I lost the money in my drawer, I couldn't blame anyone but myself, and I think that is good for me. This job forces me to be very vigilant in caring for "my" money. 
  • It makes me use a lot of my talents. Not only does it use my math and money- counting abilities, it also uses my socializing abilities. That's my favorite part. I love talking to the customers that are nice and telling them happy birthday when their licenses tell me it's their birthdays. I love earning stars for being nice to them. I even like to listen to them tell me their life stories, or about their grandchildren. And sometimes I even think it's funny when the guys hit on me.
  • I have a lot of fun at work. Example: We just got new bluetooth head sets for the drive thru. So, technically, we don't have to stand at the window for the customers to see us. On Saturday, one of the guy tellers, Daniel, and I, decided to have him stand in the window and mouth the words while I talked into the bluetooth so it looked like he had a really high voice. It was so funny. I also love to eat the lollipops and I think all the smiling I do to be nice is good for me too. It makes me happy. 
I think this all is very ironic because I took a test that said which jobs I would like and which I should avoid, and being a teller was one I should avoid. But I genuinely enjoy it, so whatever, who said tests were right?

It was also my birthday this month! It was such a miserable day, because I got super sick, and felt like crap all day. That night I went to see BYU dancers, and it was fun to see Ian, our old dance teacher. 

Also, my bff Heather Gallagher threw me a surprise birthday lunch... again haha :) I love her so much she is the nicest friend! Me, her, my sister, Maureen, Mihiri, and Sophia all went to a Chinese restaurant in Baltimore and ate and caught up. I have missed my friends it was so fun to see them. I was touched they came to surprise me. Then we went to get frozen yogurt at this awesome place where we made spoons of ourselves. It was so cute!

That night we had a BBQ at our house. At first I was sad since no one my age was coming, but Philip, Tommy, and their friend Michael from BYU came, as well as Pat and Dave Jenkins, my favorite twins, and Heather and Jenna Gallagher. It was so funny to watch the boys play with my new best friends, the little Parish girls, age Olivia and Audrey, ages 3 and 5. Those girls are so sweet :)

In other news, Heather and I went on a double date this weekend, and it was really fun :) Eric Stephens from our institute class and his old mission companion, Jordan, took us to a driving range and to Olive Garden. I sucked at driving golf balls, but I made up for it by being amazing at eating. Haha. The boys were so funny and told us tons of mission stories. We were very entertained. 

I think that everyone reading this should know that I think going on a double date with my sister is the funnest thing ever. If boys ask me on dates by myself, I will go usually, but I will basically always go if it is with Heather. We compliment each other well and have so much fun together. I think we bring out the best in each other. I love her <3. 

We actually ended up having Jordan over for dinner on Sunday night. I think I always forget how crazy my family is until people come over to dinner. He seemed to like it though, and the younger kids loved it, as they always do when they have someone new to be their captive audience. 

Also, this weekend we went back to singles ward. I love that ward. This time 4 guys got my number in the span of like 1 hour. I think I make more friends in 3 hours than I do in a whole month of not going to that ward. It's kind of like BYU on steroids. So much  fun :)

Oh I also got an MRI at NIH. I want to take a moment to talk about how counter- intuitive it is to make girls take pregnancy tests right before MRIs. Pregnancy tests mean you have to pee in a cup. For some reason I like can't do it. I always pee before it, because I forget, and then try so hard and I have nothing to pee. This time was no exception. I tried to make up for it by drinking a bottle of water in the car on the way, and probly two more in the waiting room, and then I still came out with an ashamed look on my face. They promptly handed me a bio-hazard bag to proudly display my inability to pee while I sat in the waiting room drinking more water. Finally, I was able to pee in a cup, and then I went to my MRI. They got me in very early, and I peed RIGHT BEFORE the MRI. But guess who had to pee sooo bad starting 10 minutes in? That would be yours truly. Really terrible timing. I was like dying for the whole procedure. It makes it difficult to not squirm, trust me. 

Okay I did a lot more than this this month, but it's bed time. I hope you enjoyed!



  1. I totally applied at the PNC Bank in Sykseville and nailed the interview. Unfortunately, the lady interviewing me didn't realize I nailed it and didn't hire me. Now I sell cell phones.

  2. Kelly.... I am glad you decided to share your inability to pee on command with the world. It was the comic relief my day needed ha ha love you!