Friday, May 1, 2009

What I have been up to

Since I have been home, I have been doing a whole lot of nothing. However, there have been some somethings in- between. In order to make myself feel justified, I have decided to post them here. 
  • I found out I got a 3.99 gpa!!
  • I called my various banks and worked out online banking, and activation of cards and online banking and stuff. I also found money in an account I didn't know I had, which is even better than finding money in your jeans pocket in my opinion :)
  • I called PNC and made sure everything was lined up for working there this summer. I love my job!!!
  • I called NIH and tried to schedule healthy volunteer studies. Even though they love my healthy little self, it has been difficult to get an actual appointment which is sad because from previous posts you should know my obsession with NIH. 
  • I have basically memorized 
  • I went to my sisters's play, Into the Woods. They were amazing, of course. As was everyone else :)
  • I organized my clothes and they now have temporary homes. 
  • I tried to delete friends on facebook that I never talk to. i couldn't bring myself to do it. I think it's because I wonder, what if I want to stalk them in the future???? What will I do? Stupid, huh? 
  • Speaking of Facebook, I have become a frequent chatter from the hours of like 11pm- 4am. Usually, there are assorted amazing boys that I talk to and sometimes roomies. My Aunt Carol got on one time too, and we talked from like 2:30-4:30. It was so fun! I tend to wake up around noon? Sometimes it fluctuates, I think it's gotten to 2pm too. Disgusting I know. But, you have to understand that I have no real reason to wake up early. I am entertained by the people I talk to at such late hours, and if they are not going to be entertaining me from 5am- noon, why shouldn't I sleep then? It seems like an effective use of my time to me. Even though I have been trying to change it because I feel ridiculous. 
  • I have watched a lot of The Office and 30 Rock. I never watched 30 Rock before, but Nicole recommended it. It's pretty funny. I tried to get Better off Ted, but I don't have Internet Explorer, so I couldn't. I haven't gotten around to installing it. Or Firefox. I also watched Lie to Me with my daddy. He was just tickled about it.
  • I went to institute like a good little girl. No one really talked to us, though, even though, clearly we were so cute and nice. Whateverrrr. 
  • I went on a 3-4 mile walk with my mom :). 
  • I walked from the elementary school to the middle school, back to the elementary school, and then back home. It was 3 miles. I got 2 blisters and my heels are both cut from my stupid shoes. I had a grand total of 8 bandaids on my feet the whole time. 
  • When I went to these schools, I ate lunch with my brothers. Their friends all told them we were really hot. I kind of wish boys my age were as ridiculously attracted to me as my brothers's friends. One who is always mean to Joseph asked if he wanted to come over, or better yet, if he could come over to our house and "hang out with your sisters". Sounds fun...
  • I made chicken parmagiana and pizza for my siblings. The chicken parmagiana was gone in seconds. The pizza is almost gone I guess. Not as popular though. 
  • I successfully negotiated being able to sleep on the couch for the summer. This is remarkable because my dad loves that couch. Next to his projector screen, it's like his favorite child. I am supposed to put sheets on it, use my own pillow, and wake up by 9 so it looks like I was never there. Sometimes I do the sheets. I rarely do the pillow thing, because I hate our pillows. And I NEVER wake up by 9. It is my dad's favorite idle threat to say he will wake us up early. Haha. I love it.
  • I got a cell phone charger! And a camera charger, but my camera still does not work :(.
  • I learned how to effectively survive on a diet of nachos with a variety of dips, and low fat ice cream. It's been fun. Also, Maple Pecan Crunch cereal, and trail mix whenever I go visit my dad (downstairs in his basement office). When my mom cooks dinner, I eat that too. 
  • I visited my old ward. We skipped the 2nd meeting and opted to sit in the sun, but I visited nonetheless. I also researched the D.C. Singles ward. We might end up going there.
  • I was home taught. That is noteworthy, because my entire family makes it a point to be bratty about being home taught. One of my siblings who will not be named said dad would tell them when home teachers would come, and that he wanted everyone awake and participating when they did. The kids would all say okay, and then would promptly take naps. If they weren't taking naps right before the home teachers came, everyone would run to their rooms to pretend to be asleep. It is a great struggle for our family to enjoy it. I don't really know why. I like it a lot better in Singles Wards though. What can be better than having not one but two young single men offer to do anything for you and be genuinely eager to do it?
  • I went to Baskin Robbins 31 cent scoop night. I got Nicole ice cream because I am the nicest sister :)
  • Tonight I am going shopping, tomorrow I am going to a baby shower, and Monday I am babysitting. On Tuesday I plan on visiting the High School. Yay! I also plan on learning how to use the scanner so we can have all of our childhood pictures on our computers. I am very excited about this project, it was my mom's idea. I think it's a little ridiculous that I am such an underacheiver now-a-days that I find that if I do one thing productive a day I feel fulfilled. 
  • I loved on all my siblings, and talked to Heather a lot. 
  • I blogged :)
I probly did other things, buuttt I can't think of them right now. 


  1. Kelly you're very busy, which is very impressive.

  2. Ha ha sounds like fun! Let me know how you like institute! I think I'm going to go this summer too :)