Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rumor has it... review

So I just watched this movie with my roomie Katrina. And we thought it was weird and tasteless and not funny. Here's the review I wrote in like five minutes about.

                Kelly Connor

A tasteless take off of the classic movie The Graduate, Rumor has it… offers a plot thick with sick family connections and catastrophic affairs. Jennifer Aniston stars in this movie that takes the story from where The Graduate left off—and even farther than is easily stomached.

The rumor that The Graduate was based off of a real family in Pasadena has been going around, but Aniston discovers that it is actually based off of her family—her mother and grandmother both slept with the same man. After this disreputable sequence of events, her late mother settled down with another man, Aniston’s father—or is he?

                As Aniston digs deeper into her family’s scandalous past, she decides to find out if Beau Boroughs, the man who had this reprehensible affair with her mother and grandmother, is her real father.

                This might be a terrible spoiler, but it is probably necessary to note that, when Aniston learns he is not, in fact, her father, due to a “testicular dysfunction”, she quickly ends up sleeping with him, becoming the third generation woman in her family to get cozy with the same man. What’s worse is that as she does this, she is simultaneously throwing her adoring fiancĂ©, played by Mark Ruffalo, under the bus for this slimy billionaire.

                As the plot progresses, the possibility of him truly being her father is constantly being flirted with, and the tasteless humor and manner in which the situation is handled is enough to make this movie not even one you should see just for the sake of seeing it.



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