Friday, February 27, 2009


Okay guys, so my News Writing class let's us get extra credit for blogging things, so I am starting right now.The story I'm about to write is about my adventures with Heather, Kelsey, Christine, and Winnie.

So last Friday night, I was going to go to Dance Party Neon- White Out with these girlies. It’s at a club called Studio 600 which is in Salt Lake City, Utah. It’s a Mormon club, so they make sure you’re modest and there’s no alcohol. Because it was a white out, we were supposed to wear all white. We knew it was for people 18 and up, but they never had carded us before, so Heather and Kelsey and I had just brought our Student IDs. The police wouldn’t accept them because they didn’t have our birthdates on them. They were in fact, very rude about it in my opinion. When I showed them my ID, the officer mumbled something and handed it back, and so I just assumed he said I could go in, but when I started walking in, he pushed me back and was like "To get into a CLUB, you need to have a photo id with a birthdate." And other people around us were having issues too. I don't really understand why they suddenly started carding, because there is no alcohol, so I really don't see the issue, it's just dancing. Maybe it was because they were tired of the teeny- boppers making their club less appealing to the college crowd, which I understand, but I think they should have posted that they were checking IDs this time, because it was definitely not on the Facebook event.  

Meanwhile, Winnie and Christine got into the club because they had licenses, and Winnie had the car keys, so we couldn’t go back to the car. It was really difficult to communicate, so we decided to try and get a ride, but no one could give us one, because they were either in Salt Lake and going to the club, or didn’t want to drive so far.

It was freezing outside, and we didn’t know what else to do, so we decided to try to find someplace warm. We were wandering around in downtown Salt Lake City, which, do not be deceived, is sketch. We were getting random catcalls and it was scary. The only things open were bars which we couldn’t get into. 

So, we ended up going to the Grand America Hotel. It is the nicest hotel I have ever stepped foot in. It is the only 5 star hotel in that part of Salt Lake City. The lobby was the whole first floor, and the bathrooms were humongous. They had chandeliers in each stall and handkerchiefs to wipe your hands off with and the doors were actually doors that had no cracks. The soap and tissues had gold around them, and there were mirrors everywhere. There were tons of vanities that you could touch up with in one section, and couches were everywhere. I’m pretty sure I could live in that bathroom. I felt like a princess.

We proceeded to take a lot of pictures, and Kelsey finally contacted her brother, Grant, and he said he was at a party but he would come get us when the movie ended if no one else could. He also told us to call earlier if we got kicked out of the hotel.

And then I wanted sympathy, but I didn’t wanna make anyone feel like they had to come get us, so I called Katrina, my roomie, who doesn’t have a car, because I knew she’d listen and be nice, and then she was with Breanna, my other roomie who did have a car, and Bre offered to come pick us up.

So we were very nervous about getting kicked out before someone came to get us, because if we did get kicked out, there was literally nowhere for us to go.

So far, the only people we had seen were a janitor who was vacuuming, and a guy who looked like a bell boy. Neither of them said anything to us, but they definitely noticed our presence. We were trying to be quiet enough that they would just leave us alone, and let us stay until we were ready to leave. Finally, we were approached by a hotel Manager. I was very scared when he came up, because I thought he would tell us to leave. Instead, he very kindly asked us, “Are you ladies waiting for someone to pick you up?”

“Yes,” we said.

“And they know to come pick you up here?”


“Well are you planning on leaving and coming back before they come pick you up?”


“Okay, because you need to be careful because the doors will lock behind you, so don’t leave until you are ready to go.”

And we were like.... “Thank you so much!”

Isn’t that so nice? I love him.

And then Winnie called and said they were leaving, so we actually went home with her.

And that’s actually just the beginning of our adventures for that night. I think I’ll give everyone reading a break, though J

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