Friday, October 12, 2012

Our Trip Home Part 2!

3. Wednesday (and Tuesday night) My mom (and Joseph, Jacob, Sarah, and the boys' friends Evan and Timothy) picked Dahl and I up in Delaware, and we drove to the beach! My wonderful friend Heather has a beach house in New Jersey, and although she was not there, she and her family graciously allowed us to stay there. 


Honestly, I think this was the funnest part of the trip! We played at both Cape May and Wildwood Beaches, both of which were beautiful. We started out the day at Wildwood. The sand there is SO soft, and we had a lot of fun playing Frisbee and boogie boarding. 

The waves were consistent but not super strong, but they were REALLY strong when we went to Cape May after lunch. Cape May has much rougher sand, but the waves are way more intense, although also less consistent. They break really close to shore, where there are a lot of little rocks that will scrape you up if you can't stop fast enough, but it was WAY fun! It was great to have all the boys around because then we could take turns watching Sarah and making sure everyone had a buddy. It was great! Dahl and I went to the boardwalk to look around a little as well. It is a really fun, cute beach. We had a blast!

That night after dinner Timothy treated us to a rousing read- aloud of Cinderella CTR, which is hilarious, by the way, and we went on a walk to a gas station. It was supposed to be  1.5 miles each way, but it ended up being about 3 miles each way... it was an adventure for sure!
Goofballs at the store we finally got to

Come on Jacob!


That's better... kinda

4. Thursday: The next morning we went to watch the sunrise. It was pretty cloudy so we didn't see much of a sunrise, but we took some fun pictures and had time for cleaning up and getting on the road so I could be on time for some dental and eye appointments! They both thought I was awesome as usual, and it also gave my mom and I some time to go to lunch together. That night we went to DC to see the monuments at night with Nicole. She was an excellent tour guide! I love to see the monuments at night because it is less crowded, much cooler (temperature wise), and really neat to see them all lit up.




5. Friday: We hung out a lot around the house and eventually went down to the Inner Harbor with Joseph and Sarah. We took a ferry (that was free!) to the inner- harbor and took the kids to a yummy pizza place called Joe Squared. Then we met the whole family at the Orioles game! We were really blessed to get all student tickets so it was just $6 apiece! The Orioles won, and they got 4 home runs (3 were from the same player!) After that they had fireworks, which were really fun, too!
6. Saturday: we were supposed to go to Six Flags but that got cancelled due to super intense rain. So we ate  lunch in the car, went to Rita's as a family, and watched the Hunger Games together. Dad actually really liked it, so we were glad we chose it.
7. Sunday- We went to church together, it was really fun to see some old friends, especially Sister Walburger and Sister Hunter, my old YW leaders. It's sad because our ward has split up so much there were a lot of people I couldn't see, but I was glad I got to see some of them. After church we went to the temple to take a couple of pictures and the to my Grandma Connor's house. 

It was really nice to see her, she is doing so much better! We told her we expected to see her next time we come to visit for Christmas 2013. Is she not the cutest?! My mother in law, Brenley, says we have the same eyes, what do you think?? We were going to go to the zoo, but it was raining again so we just went home and had a delicious dinner of pot roast, mashed potatoes, crescent rolls, and jello, with apple cheesecake for dessert (made by Julie and me).


8. Monday- We said goodbye to everyone as they went off to their first day of school! It was a really fun vacation and we are so glad we got to visit! Thanks family and a special thanks to the Gallaghers for being so generous with their beach house!!

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